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Oct 19, 2009 08:48 AM

"New" Armando's Brooklyn Heights

Anybody been? Is there hope for a new place in the Heights?

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  1. We went a week after they opened so a little hesitant to report (as I'm sure they were still working the kinks out). But, would be in no rush to return.
    The room was packed. Seemed like a nice renovation and exposed brick interior. Every table (and just about everywhere else in the restaurant) had a scented candle which was overpowering and grew to interfere with the meal. We ordred an appetizer (Octopus salad-I think it said it was grilled, but octopus was chilled, which they didn't mention, and no indication of grilling at all) and two pastas. Pastas were overcooked and not memorable. The menu posted outside was actually a dollar cheaper than most items on the actual menu. Though the prices were moderate it is certainly misleading to misrepresent prices. I'd like others to have a better experience as its in my neighborhood and I always heard great things about their soft shell crabs, but I can't see going back.