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Oct 19, 2009 08:34 AM

Is Veritas THAT bad?

I've seen a lot of negative feedback about Veritas. Bummer, because my husband and I are going on Friday for our 5th anniversary with a gift certficate.

Any positive experiences? Anything on the menu that I *must* try?

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  1. I've only been there for a set menu dinner, but I didn't find it bad. Boring, yes -- but I attributed that to the set menu.

    1. I gave a LONG review of my winterlicious meal there, here: . There is another reply with non-winterlicious review in that thread.


      The short version:

      Nothing horrid, nothing excellent, some sizable flaws (wilted lettuces, bad desert), mostly boring and forgettable.

      I do not usually eat out for food I can easily cook myself. That basically sums up the menu, so I have no real desire to return. That said, I wouldn't object if someone else was heading there anyways and I'd happily use a gift certificate.

      In the realm of "not avant-garde, not ethnic, not specialty" restaurants Veritas was as better than many.

      1. We ate there in the summer and had a good, solid meal. Sorry, can't remember what we had, but we were both pleased with our choices. Nothing extravagent, but it was all nicely prepared and properly cooked. Service was friendly.

        1. Well even if it is not that great, the psoitive thing is you have a gc so you don't have to pay for a bad or mediocre dining experience!
          You could use your gc for an expensive wine ( or champagne to celebrate) and some appetizers then go somewhere else to eat dinner nearby. Or go back for icewine and dessert/cheese? Just an idea.
          Happy Anniversary!