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Anniversary dinner w/kids in Greenwich

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Hi all.

My wife and I are going to spend our 15th anniversary in Greenwich with our two 10 year olds. I haven't eaten in Greenwich in over a decade, or maybe even since we got married (in Greenwich), so I don't know what's good these days. Can anyone recommend a good place that would be kid-friendly on a Saturday night? It doesn't need to be super-fancy (or super-pricey), but not too casual either.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Hi Lloyd-
    Congrats on your anniversary! Not sure what you and your wife have in mind, but there are some nice options depending on what you view as "kid-friendly". You could try the Ginger Man on Greenwich Ave- which has solid food, good drink options, but numerous "kid" options. There's Asiana Cafe for Chinese that is not your local take- out kind of joint. You could do Mexican at Boxcar Cantina. If you are in the mood for something " nicer", you could try L'Escale at the Delamar hotel ( they are very accommodating) or the new Greenwich Tavern which had been Palomino. My 2 fave places to eat in Greenwich are Kira Sushi and Little Thai Kitchen, but I don't know if your kids would eat that type of food.
    good luck!

    1. Congratulations!
      It would really depend upon what experience you would like. We’ve lived in Greenwich pre-kids and still do with our kids. We’ve taken them just about everywhere and found all to be accommodating. The first thing that comes to mind is L’Escale, even though the service is just horrible. They have a good kids menu and the food on the regular menu is really very good. Thomas Henkelmann, has wonderful service and also accommodates children – it is a much pricier option. We love a casual meal at Elm Street Oyster House and have had very good meals recently at Morello Bistro. Of course, the loud boisterous celebrations at the Japanese hibachi place – Abis – still go on and are fun and festive.
      Tell us more about your preferences and budget and whether your children eat from the standard menu or a kids menu and I can help you much better.

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        We don't really have a preference. Honestly, what I remember from Greenwich (25+ years ago) was Davincis pizza, Casey's (the bar at the bottom of Greenwich Avenue) for nachos, and Baang when it first opened. I'm really just looking for a place that's not too casual and not too fancy, where we won't be out of place with a couple of ten year olds.

        Our kids are happy eating from either a kids or regular menu. One of them doesn't like most Asian food, but she'll usually go along if we bribe her with dessert.. We would like to avoid the pricier options (such as La Cremalliere, which is right down the street from where I grew up). We will be staying at the Hyatt in Old Greenwich but spending the afternoon on Greenwich Avenue, so location doesn't really bother me.

        Thanks for all of the help.

      2. terra, barcelona, nessa,

        1. When someone says Greenwich, I think downtown Greenwich, but of course, Valbella in Riverside is a wonderful place for a celebration. Also, La Cremalliere in Banksville is great. Did you have a favorite when you lived here or last visited?

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            and I dont, i think of the surrounding area easy quick to get to-enjoy-thanks

          2. Lloyd, since you'll be on Greenwich Ave, try any of the following: Ginger Man (very casual, interesting beers, I forget what is was called in the past - before it was 64 Greenwich Ave - look at menu online), Morello Bistro (Nicer italian, quieter pretty setting, was probably Bertrands or Dome in your day) or Elm Street Oyster House (more bustling atmosphere, great appetizers and small plates and salads along with a large selection of fish, love the crabcakes or fish tacos - they'll make any kind of chicken or beef for non-fish eaters), or Terra (more casual Italian, wood fired pizzas, chicken, etc. - I prefer Morello if going Italian). I have not been to Avenida, but you can search the boards for reviews. It's a new Mexican where Bleu was before. I'm sure you'll enjoy wherever, but let us know what you end up doing. Congrats

            1. Your children aren't too young that kid-friendly should be as big issue unless they don't like certain foods.
              Solaia or Pierangelo on the avenue would also be a choice for Italian.
              L'Escale (as previously mentioned)
              Greenwich Tavern - walkable from the Hyatt
              Columbus Park Trattoria in Stamford in not far from the Hyatt (as far as Greenwich Ave but in the other direction) - Many other Stamford choices are as close as Greenwich ave from the Hyatt.

              Have a great time!

              1. Thanks everyone for all of the help. We ended up at Greenwich Tavern and had a very good meal. The kids had the sliders and petite steak from the kids menu, and we started with a couple of salads (the house salad and the warm spinach salad) and then had the fish and chips and the roast chicken. The fish was very good (halibut rather than the usual cod) and the fries were addictive. The chicken was also very good. We also had a side of parmesan fries, creamed spinach and asparageus. For dessert, we got the root beer float (okay) and the duet of creme brulee, which was also very good.

                The next day we had brunch at the Hyatt, whcih was decadent. Lots of shrimp and a bloody mayr bar for me, and a chocolate fountain for my wife and kids. Can't beat that.

                Thanks again.