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Need recommendations - Aventura area of Florida

I will be staying in the Aventura area for 4 days and am looking for some recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I am looking for a couple of high end dinners and some mid-priced ($50 per person) lunches and dinners. A really fun atmosphere, something unique and incredible food is what I would love.
Do I need to go into Miami for my criteria?

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  1. Bourbon Steak, a Michael Mina restaurant in Turnberry is great. Expensive but worth it.

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      Id do Bourbon Steak on Wednesday night when they do their Bourbon & Blues night. They have 1/2 off bourbons and a live blues band playing. You can eat at the bar and have the bar burgers for a less expensive meal.

      Id also suggest checking out Sunny Isles which is just South of Aventura. Restaurants like Neomi's @ the Trump Hotel, Timo, and NAOE all are very good. NAOE is a Japanese experience that is completely unique and starts with an omakase bento box for $26 and then goes to omakase sushi at $4-$8 per piece until you tap out.

    2. You might want to try Hiro's Yakko-San at 17040 West Dixie Hwy. http://yakko-san.com/ Try one of the local whole fish like Golden Tile or Hog Fish if available. This is considered one of the best restaurants in Miami and is also open late.

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        Ill have to second Yakko-san...the place has ruined me forother sushi places

      2. Has anyone tried Bar Rosso?

        1. In addition to the suggestions made here, which are good ones (Bourbon Steak, Neomi's, Naoe, Yakko-San) , I would add Timo in Sunny Isles (nice classy place, great food, most entrees under $30), Gourmet Diner on Biscayne around 135th St. (French bistro fare in an old-school diner), Petit Rouge on Biscayne, same area (French). If you like dim sum, Hong Kong Noodles on 163rd St. (not fantastic, only if you have a real dim sum craving).


          1. il Migliore is on Miami Gardens Drive just west of Biscayne.
            Always have good food for lunch and dinner

            1. Anyone try Chef Allen's?

              Chef Allen's
              19088 NE 29th Ave., Aventura, FL 33180

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                Not since they changed the menu/concept. If you go, please report back.

              2. I have narrowed it down to Bourbon, Timo, I will go to Chef Allen's on Wed. because of the half price wine and I am thinking about Lola's on Harrison in Hollywood. Has anyone been to Lola's?
                Also is there any bar or dining options that are on the water, loking for a beautiful view.

                Lola's on Harrison
                2032 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL 33020

                Collins Ave, FL, USA, Collins Ave, FL

                Chef Allen's
                19088 NE 29th Ave., Aventura, FL 33180

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                  I've been to Lola's and do not recommend it. Granted, I was only there once but I found it to be overpriced with totally average food and service. I live in Hollywood and can say with confidence, stay away if good food is what you seek. Aside from good burgers at Le Tub or pollo la bras and anticuchos at Goyo el Pollo (which is now closed b/c of a fire) Hollywood is totally lacking in decent food. I definitely agree with the Hiro's Yakko San suggestion. It reminds me of the izakayas (japanese pubs) I fell in love with while living in Japan. It has a very diverse menu with lots of daily specials, local fish, and tapas style portions for reasonable prices, plus an open kitchen with some very skilled and fun to watch chefs. If you want to drive twenty minutes, go to Michael's Genuine Food and Drink, just by the 195 exit in Miami's design district. Its one of the best, most consistent restaurants I've ever been to. Top five all time for me. My favorite casual place in Aventura is an Israeli cafe called Etzel Itzik/Astoria Deli on west dixie highway, parallel to Aventura Mall (biscayne blvd). This place is so good! Very casual, inexpensive and lively. The place does a wicked lunch business with an almost exclusively Israeli clientele but you still never have to wait for a table or food. Try their Merguez (moroccan spicy lamb sausage), amazing falafel, Yemenite Beef Stew, mint lemonade, baked chicken, and everything else! And they always start you off with 5 or 6 complimentary small plates of assorted Israeli salads, pickles, olives, and peppers. I eat here at least once a week. They are open 3 meals a day but close friday afternoon through sunday evening for the sabbath. If you like mediterranean flavors and a lively atmosphere, go here. Its very healthy too. And I've heard bourbon steak is amazing, especially lobster pot pie. Thinking about going here for thanksgiving. Anyone have any other thanksgiving restaurant recs?

                  Le Tub
                  1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

                  7300 N Kendall Dr Fl 8, Miami, FL 33156

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                    Lots of Thanksgiving options if you're willing to head to South Beach ->

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                      Is Goyo El Pollo really closed? Saw a blurb on chowhound (Top Dishes in Forida) which mentioned this restaurant.

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                        yes it is. Sometime last June or July they boarded up the door and put up a sign saying they were closed due to a fire. I've been waiting patiently for them to reopen but I'm no longer keeping my fingers crossed. Its a shame.

                  2. Just returned from Aventura and have the following reviews.

                    Bourbon - Amazing, steak one of the best I have ever had, jalapeno creamed corn and truffle mac and cheese excellent.

                    Chef Allen's - Horrible 80's decor and the food was mediocre at best.

                    Timo's - Went for lunch and it was good.

                    The Grill at the Aventura Mall - It was definitely below average, food was edible but not very good.

                    1. Here are some places you might want to try in the Aventura area:

                      Grill on the Ally
                      Morton's ( a chain but a good chain)
                      Il Mulino

                      The Grill has good service, and the food is way above everage. Timo's has an innovative menu with fresh ingredients, and a pleasant atmosphere. Il Mulino is good in Aqualina. It's expensive but delicious.

                      You may want to check out Gulstream in Hallandale. There are some new restaurants there. Only half are open at this point.

                      Chef Allen's is pretty good if you want seafood (but it is not great).

                      Bourbon Steak was very good but in my opinion the prices were outrageous (and I used to live in Manhattan)!