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Oct 19, 2009 07:37 AM

Good Restaurant/Bistro near the OPERA HOUSE on Queen Street???

Hi all

Wondering if someone could give me the heads-up on a restaurant/bistro for a quick bite before a concert?

Suggestions/Links most welcome!


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  1. For a quick bite within walking distance... I'd suggest Rodneys By Bay, Nota Bene, or reds bistro.

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    1. re: AJMC791

      Thanks ...but the Opera House is at 735 Queen Street,...Nota Bene is 180 Queen Street a bit far to walk......:(

      1. re: NoFixedAddress

        oops... sorry, I was thinking about the venue at queen and university....

        1. re: AJMC791

          LOL all good, thanks for replying with suggestions:)

    2. There are few places you could try:
      Sushi Bar - Queen one door west of Broadview south side
      The Citizen - Queen three or four doors east of Broadview north side
      Pic Nic Wine Bar - Queen five or six doors east of Broadview south side

      1. Table 17 is good. I also like Lil Baci (a couple of blocks further east). Haven't been to Picnic, but it looks ok as well.

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        1. re: SusanB

          I actually forgot those but good rec's as well. Both are yummy with Table 17 being the most expensive in the hood and Lil Baci the least.

        2. There are many restaurants very close to the Opera House. Just do a search on 'Leslieville.'
          How about Lil' Baci (892 Queen St E) for a quick pizza and a drink?

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          1. re: DrewStar

            ahhhh. I googled Opera House and they hardly had any restaurants listed in the area.
            Thanks DStar will do the 'leslieville' search

            and thanks JBean, SusanB for your yummmmmmy suggestions:)

            1. re: NoFixedAddress

              Are you talking walking distance, short cab ride or short drive? Weezie's is about a kilometre from the Opera House and I've always enjoyed my meals there.

          2. I second the recommendations for Table 17, Pic Nic, and Lil Baci.

            I don't recommend the new sushi joints on Queen E.