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Oct 19, 2009 07:04 AM

Super Pollo in Ballston - CLOSED

Just a heads up that as of last Sunday, the Ballston location of Super Pollo is closed due to upcoming construction on the site (there is going to be a new shopping center in that location and going back to Quincy Street). I spoke to the worker at the register and he said they hope to reopen in the new shopping center, which is many months away.

In the meantime, there is another Super Pollo location on Wilson (and George Mason?). And of course El Pollo Rico.

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  1. As an aside, there has been another closing just down the street.
    Jackson's Famous Roasting and Carving closed a few weeks ago. The space in Quincy Plaza is now empty and Jackson's seems to just be completely defunct

    1. oh great - 2 decent places close down but the crap around there remains (like the "uncommon market" which is buffet style slop served up day after day....)

      1. There's another Super Pollo in the Barcroft Plaza shopping center at the end of the strip with Harris Teeter in the middle - Columbia Pike & Lincolnia Rd. Same menu, same choice of sides, though the chicken was usually fresher at the Ballston location, at least at the "late lunch" times I usuall get there. Good, though.

        1. I am so sad. This was one of Ballston's best as far as I am concerned, especially considering that one can walk there. The lights are out and it is done. I just drove by.

          1. Yesterday, I ate at the Super Pollo at 5011 Wilson Blvd in Arlington (very near the intersection of Wilson & George Mason). It's less than a mile from the closed Super Pollo in Ballston, and the food was just as good.

            To my taste, Super Pollo is better El Pollo Rico. Not only is Super Pollo's chicken somewhat better than El Pollo Rico's, but also Super Pollo offers a much better assortment of side dishes than does El Pollo Rico.

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              I completely agree. Plus they take credit cards. Plus there is more parking.