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Oct 19, 2009 06:19 AM

sesame seeds?

anyone have good suggestions for where to go to buy sesame seeds (more than just the tiny bottles they sell at WF)?

hmart? christina's?


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  1. WF also sells them in larger, plastic containers (the medium-sized plastic containers they use for prepared food and lots of other bulk bin-type items). Plus, I think I have seen sesame seeds in bulk bins there (but not sure which WF location).

    Trader Joe's ought to have them too but I cannot specifically remember seeing them there.

    1. Any of the Asian groceries (Super88, CMart, H-Mart) and the smaller corner stores, like Reliable and John's Market in Allston, will have 1 and 2# containers in the Korean aisle..

      I think you can also purchase them in quantity at the Armenian stores in Watertown....

      1. If you get them from an Asian store, don't get the ones from China. I find them very gritty.

        1. Arax and Sevan in Watertown have very good ones at good prices.

          1. I bought them in Shaws, in the Internat'l Aisle, where the Latin food are for a lot less than WF. Just had to toast 'em meself!