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Oct 19, 2009 05:44 AM

Sunday lunch in Vancouver

Hello Vancouver hounds,
I will be in Vancouver for a business conference with all my evenings devoted to conference meals (argh!). I have Sunday lunch and Monday lunch free. I have booked Monday at Market and am looking for a place for a nice, long wine-soaked Sunday afternoon. Any suggestions?
Thanks, in advance.

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  1. I had this weekend lunch problem a few weeks ago and went to Bacchus in the wedgewood hotel. Beautiful, quiet, nice wine list but ok food IMO-could have just been what I had. Other Ch's rec'd Cafe Il Nido for (this was for Sat however-not sure if they are open Sundays), pourhouse in gastown, and Joe Fortes.
    Some other places downtown might be the Raincity Grill or one of my usual spots Yew Restaurant + Bar in the Four Seasons. They have a lounge as well and a pretty good lunch and wine menu. I would suggest the Yew over the others only because I am there every couple of weeks, it's good, they have a nice wine list, and it's probably close to where you are staying.

    1. Cibo/ Uva in the Moda Hotel does Prosecco Sundays ($5 a gls) that sound good to me!