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Oct 19, 2009 12:05 AM

Best restaurants open after 1000pm

I am flying into New Orleans late from the West Coast. I have eaten at many great NO restaurants including Restaurant August and Bayona. They are not open late. Any suggestions?

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  1. Verti Mart. No seriously, what night of the week? It might make a differnece. What time does your plane land? You might want to try for something in Kenner. There was a recent post on places in Kenner. I think your best bet is probably Mimi's in the Marigny. Its just small plates but very good. You could call the Green Goddess and see what if they are still open, maybe Delachaise, I haven't been since Chris DeBarr left, maybe Meauxbar.

    1. Stella! takes reservations up to 10:30 pm.

      Might be the ticket!

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I am staying at the W in the French Quarter, so I would rather find restaurants nearby. Stella sounds great. I wonder how late they actually stay open serving food. Any other FQ places open late?

      2. It may be a little more casual than what you're looking for, but I always go to Coops Place for late night dinners.

        1. City Diner in Metairie is open 24 hours and it's on the way from the airport to downtown.

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          1. re: runCP3

            City Diner? Are you kidding me? Mediocre food. Dirty. Situated on the parking lot of a rundown La Quinta or something like that. Ick.

            1. re: txgirl

              It might not be what the OP is looking for, but there's no call to malign City Diner like that. It's decent burgers, grilled cheese, fried seafood, etc. Not great, but not horrible. And it's definitely not dirty. It's really very clean inside, and the kitchen is open so customers can see that it's not dirty back there either. Personal vendetta?

              1. re: uptownlibrarian

                I've been to City Diner and it definitely is not dirty. I agree with uptownlibrarian....not the best food, but definitely above decent and the service was really good.

                1. re: nikinik

                  Maybe I was there on a bad day but I called it like I encountered it.

          2. How about small plates at Rambla? They serve pretty late and are also in the CBD.

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              Bacco is actually in the French Quarter W, so you might be able to slip in there if the have some people lingering. The Green Goddess is about 20 yards from the W, same for teh pelican Club, which is often open a little later than alot of places, just from people lingering. Iris is a block away, and Mr. B's about two blocks.