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Oct 18, 2009 10:23 PM

Empanadas (Dallas)

Other than On The Border, can anyone tell me where else I can find empanadas in Dallas?
Preferably, not in the gringo Tex-Mex restaurants, please.

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  1. Fiesta sells very nice ones filled w/ pumpkin or pineapple. La Paloma has them on ocassion, as well. (assuming you meant the sweet kind)

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        I don't have tons of experience with savory epanadas, but whatever I had at Don Panza was pretty darn good...wish I could remember what I had!

        However, I believe that they've closed for time being. They are supposed to be re-opening in (or near) the Bishop Arts District in the coming months.

      2. I'm not from Texas so can't answer, but have a question. What type of empanada or saltena? They vary hugely from the US border with Mexico down to Tierra del Fuego.

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        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          Empanadas can be either Savory or sweet or a mix. I dont know about "gringo" Tex-Mex, but we have a tradition of sweet empandas. Mostly made of pumpkin mix, very close to pumpkin pie mix.

          Empanadas are like tamales, each region has thier own style and fixings.

          1. re: SAguy

            Thank you. So, you all are interested in only the different types of Mexican empanadas? Pumpkin pie empanadas sound great. Haven't found those in Mexico, although I work mainly in only Chiapas and Vera Cruz.

        2. Inca lounge has a decent South American variety. The only issue is that all their meals are so large that you really never have space for an empanda.

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            Is this the same restaurant as Inca's Cafe on 190 and Josey (NEC) by the Target?

          2. If you key "empanadas" in the TX search box, you may be surprised at the number of hits. However, Argentina Bakery in Irving (on Belt Line across from Irving mall) make them with a variety of fillings. I've been in there to see people walking out with full bags of them.


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              Aha! Pumpkin empanadas will be perfect for the party I am doing in late October. & way more interesting than the pumpkin pie tartlets I was planning. Thanks for the suggestions.