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Empanadas (Dallas)

Other than On The Border, can anyone tell me where else I can find empanadas in Dallas?
Preferably, not in the gringo Tex-Mex restaurants, please.

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  1. Fiesta sells very nice ones filled w/ pumpkin or pineapple. La Paloma has them on ocassion, as well. (assuming you meant the sweet kind)

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        I don't have tons of experience with savory epanadas, but whatever I had at Don Panza was pretty darn good...wish I could remember what I had!

        However, I believe that they've closed for time being. They are supposed to be re-opening in (or near) the Bishop Arts District in the coming months.

      2. I'm not from Texas so can't answer, but have a question. What type of empanada or saltena? They vary hugely from the US border with Mexico down to Tierra del Fuego.

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          Empanadas can be either Savory or sweet or a mix. I dont know about "gringo" Tex-Mex, but we have a tradition of sweet empandas. Mostly made of pumpkin mix, very close to pumpkin pie mix.

          Empanadas are like tamales, each region has thier own style and fixings.

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            Thank you. So, you all are interested in only the different types of Mexican empanadas? Pumpkin pie empanadas sound great. Haven't found those in Mexico, although I work mainly in only Chiapas and Vera Cruz.

        2. Inca lounge has a decent South American variety. The only issue is that all their meals are so large that you really never have space for an empanda.

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            Is this the same restaurant as Inca's Cafe on 190 and Josey (NEC) by the Target?

          2. If you key "empanadas" in the TX search box, you may be surprised at the number of hits. However, Argentina Bakery in Irving (on Belt Line across from Irving mall) make them with a variety of fillings. I've been in there to see people walking out with full bags of them.


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              Aha! Pumpkin empanadas will be perfect for the party I am doing in late October. & way more interesting than the pumpkin pie tartlets I was planning. Thanks for the suggestions.

            2. The best I have found are like air had posted at Don Panza. I believe they are in transition from thier old place on Clarendon (close to Westmoreland) up to N Beckley close to Beckley Brewhouse/Sprial Diner at Beckley and Zang. I tried to locate them at their new location this weekend and came up empty. I would call over to their Clarendon location

              214-337-9900 (old number)
              2580 W Clarendon Dr (old address)

              214-514-1184 (new number)
              1116 N Beckley Ave (new address)

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                Since this thread has popped back up, I thought I would mention that this place has been open for a couple of months now. The empanadas are by far the best thing we've tried there - we particularly like the spicy beef, regular beef and the tomato and cheese. Reminds us of our honeymoon in Buenos Aires!

              2. Thanks for the many answers and suggestions. I am mostly looking for 'savory' empanadas.
                I remember being in McAllen once and they have little empanada shops all over town. My favorite ones are those filled with potatoes and onions, eggs and potatoes and various meat fillings. Anymore suggestions in Dallas?

                1. An empanada by any other name is a samosa. Bpoth are fried or baked pastries stuff with savory or sweet meat or vegetables. I know they are seasoned differently, but they are both delightful.

                  I will be reviewing this place shortly, but a nice little place to grab samosas and run in Richardson is the Indo Pak Cafe on East Polk. Of course there are dozens of places all over town to pick up samaosas, but this one is a definite hit and run convenient place.

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                    Although every ethnic culture has it's own "empanada", the samosa is my least favorite. The dough is too thick and heavy for my taste.
                    But, thanks for your input.

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                      Sure. I went ahead and made some tonight. You had empanada in my brain for the past few hours. Took about half an hour. I had some potatoes and a left over pork roast. I added some cilantro and queso fresco and tomato. Surely not what you were looking for either, lol. I called em twins, and froze the rest for another day.

                  2. As much as I like savory empanadas, a true Jamaican beef patty puts them to shame. Not the frozen kind from Kroger,et al., but the ones you buy in little shops on the back streets of Ocho Rios (if you can get them to wait on you).
                    Taste of the Islands in Plano has quite good ones.
                    Give 'em a try, twinwillow.

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                      I've seen a frozen Jamaican style meat patty at Central Market. Has anyone tried them?

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                        There is a small grocery next to the Caribbean Grill that sells meat pies that are excellent. they also have fresh Roti.

                      1. I was on my way home from dinner in Irving and on my way back up Belt Line towards the turnpike I noticed a bright sign that said "EMPANADAS". I drove on for a minute but I felt something telling me to check it out. So even though I'd just eaten an entire goat head, I turned around and headed back. I could tell right away the place was pretty new, in talking to the guy I found out it's about a week old and it's a mom and pop operation serving Argentinian style savory empanadas. They have 7 options on the menu (http://www.empamundo.com/), I went with the Criolla (beef, onion, raisin) and Humita (cheesy/creamy corn). I guess because they're new they threw in a couple of bite sized empanadas, a spinach and a chilipanzingas. All of the fillings were well seasoned (not bland at all) and generous. The outside was relatively soft, a little crisp around the edges. Overall for $5.40 a pretty fair deal I'd say. Definitely worth checking out if you're in Irving.

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                            OK we know you are in the ever search for empanadas, and we will all assuradly check this out, but tell us about the goat head and why didn't you invite me for that.

                          2. If you're looking for something a little different, I would recommend Lumi Empanada and Dumplings http://www.lumikitchen.com/. It's a Brazilian/Vietnamese fusion so it's not authentic, but it is delicious.

                            1. Since I started this post a year ago, I've found many empanadas in Dallas. Some good, and some, not so good. But I have tell you, the VERY BEST empanadas I've had in Dallas were actually from Whole Food's! They don't have them very often but when they do, buy as many as you can. Delicious fillings (spiced meat my favorite) and very flakey handmade dough. The name of the contents is imprinted on the edge by using some kind of die-cut metal press. Thus, they're not "painted" on.

                              1. Someone suggested Don Panza, which was closed down, the owners reopened and named their new place La Carreta Argentina, it's close to Methodist Hospital in Oak Cliff, and is EXCELLENT! Their empanadas criollas are my favorite.

                                Another place, also owned by an Argentine, is in Irving and is called Empamundo, they only sell empanadas and they are wonderful too - theirs are baked compared to La Carreta's whose are fried.

                                Don Panza Restaurant
                                2850 W Clarendon Dr, Dallas, TX 75211

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                                  The empanadas at Zaguan are corn based and kick a**. Chicken, beef or cheese, all killer with their good coffee.


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                                    Empamundo's are fried, but Argentina Bakery at 183 and Beltline behind Mattress Giant are baked. I have had about 10 or so dozen from Empamundo and watch him fry them every time.

                                  2. Pollo Regio (Bachman Lake location) had some wonderful empanadas the other day. The flavors were pineapple; caramel; and cheese. The dough was excellenyt......my guess is they are baked, rather than fried.

                                    1. Just curious if anyone has tried Empanadas N More located in the shopping center on Legacy and Coit in Plano next to Tom Thumb, http://www.empanadasnmore.com ?

                                      They are close by but I have yet to venture into there.


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                                        That really looks good. Good to know they are doing the traditional baked version. I will give it a shot this weekend.

                                      2. Empa Mundo in Irving on N. BeltLine. Generously and flavorfully filled, Argentina family offers only empanadas - 6-8 savory and 4 sweet - and a few cookie varieties. I went today with a family including 2 sisters from Columbia. The owner related the brisket selection would be closest to their Columbian memory. While it wan't the same as they remembered (ex:not made w/white corn flour) we all left happy and discussing our choices. My only miss was the rather bland spinach cheese. My winner was the Criolla The accompanying piquant chimichurri is not needed, but certainly is good.

                                        We proceded on down BeltLine to the deservingly and oft praised Argentina bakery for dessert and coffee. Of course their sweets are still wonderful. The more ornately finished empanadas were not as generously filled as Empa Mundo, but flavors were reported as equally good, maybe better. I think the bakery bakes theirs as opposed to deep frying at EM.

                                        Either way, both are very good.

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                                          I fully agree with you on Empa Mundo they are worth the drive.