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Oct 18, 2009 09:34 PM

Girls soccer team (U14) dinner in Vegas

Coming to town for a soccer tournament, looking for a restaurant rec for dinner this Saturday to accommodate about 35 people including 15 teenage girls. We'll be staying at Residence Inn on Dean Martin drive & will have transportation. We'd like a fun place with decent/good food that's reasonably priced. I haven't been to Vegas since I was a kid, so...

One suggestion I received was Hard Rock Cafe and looks like the boys team is eating at California Pizza Kitchen. Last overnight outing in Central Valley California, we enjoyed dinner & margaritas at a family run Mexican restaurant. - Is the Rio/Carnival Buffet worth a look?

Thanks, appreciate your help.

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  1. I"ve seen many large sports groups (w/kids) at The Main Street Hotel Garden Court Buffet.
    Saturday night is prime rib special night, but they have a lot of other entree's....$13.99/person. They have an area in the back part which has several large long tables which accomodate large groups.
    Recommended as the best buffet downtown.

    1. Being a father of 2 young girls I would look to have dinner far away from any Casino. Sure you can't shelter them forever but not sure having the Hard Rock or any other casino is a place for a 14 year old girl. I would think that Cafe Ba Ba Reeba or Maggiano's in the Fashion Square mall would be perfect for your group. Yes they are both chains but both places have decent food quality. I would lean more towards Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for diversity and fun.

      1. We should note that there are two Hard Rock Cafe locations now - their huge (42,000 square feet) sister restaurant is now open on the Strip, right next to the MGM Grand, and might be a fun place for a party of the size you are looking for. It would also prevent having to go through a Hotel/Casino. The menu would work for the younger set of the crowd, although there will likely be a generation gap in regards to the memorabilia.

        1. Thanks everyone for your response & appreciate the tip about the generation gap at HRC as well as dining away from casino. Ideally, I think a buffet would be the way to go but I will look into Maggiano's and other restaurants as well. And as much as I would love to go to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, I don't think it is wise doing small plates with such a large group.
          BTW, I am sure there is smoking in casinos but how about restaurants? That would be a big deterrent.

          Any decent Mexican or local pizza? I read about Setebellos - expensive?

          Based on board & acquaintances:

          Main Street/Garden Court ($14)
          Las Vegas Hilton (19)
          M Resort (27)
          Spice Market at Planet Hollywood (28)
          HRC - approx $$ per person (soft drink/entree/dessert)?

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            No smoking in the restaurants and casino lobbies allowed.
            At the Main Srreet Garden Court Buffet besides sports groups I've seen many wedding reception there too.

          2. I do not see the problem bringing teenagers into a casino. My teenage cousin came out a couple of summers ago for a club basketball tourney. They were all around 13 or 14 and it was not a problem. I would not waste my time or money at the Rio buffet. There is a Buca di Beppo on Flamingo Road just east of Paradise Road, I think it would be easier to go to than Maggianos at the Fashion Show Mall. The parking is a lot easier at Buca Di Beppo as you can park right outside. The walking is a lot easier. The other place you may want to consider, since this is a soccer tournamnent, is the ESPNZone at New York, New York. The girls can play various types of games after eating dinner.