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Pig's head - the meal I didn't have

I headed to APDC to introduce some new friends to one of my favorite restaurants. The good news... the pig's head is back on the menu. The bad news (for me at least)... I was out-voted and didn't get to order it for our meal.

Instead, I sat back longingly ogling the folks at our neighboring table as they had a beautiful head delivered to their table. APDC's signature mashed potatoes, made with cheese curds, was artfully draped across the snout and cascaded into a pool in the platter - swimming in this pool of creamy/gooey goodness, were tiny shrimp. My dining companions looked on in horror as I struck up a conversation with our neighbors, fearing I may ask these strangers to share. They were all visibly relieved when I simply asked for the opportunity to snap a picture.

I stared in awe as they picked at the crispy ears, pulled out shiny pieces of meat and barely made a dent in the beautiful beast. Granted, they had ordered other items which probably filled them up, but I was almost reduced to tears seeing so much pig left at the end of the meal... they hadn't even made it to the cheeks! The waiters suggested wrapping the remaining head to bring home, and our neighbors accepted... too bad, I would have been next in line for those left-overs.

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  1. What a shame! The pig's head looks great. Too bad your friends were squicked. Is that Pot au Feu I see on the table as well?

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      Indeed, it is the Pot au Feu. I have never ordered it, but have put it on my list for the next visit. Have you ordered it? I would like some opinion on it.

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        Like you I haven't yet had the pleasure. Perhaps someone else could chime in?

    2. Wowza! How many people is that supposed to feed?

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        The pig's head is supposed to be for two, although it could feed more in my opinion. My neighboring table ordered the pot au feu and the pig's head and they were five people. I believe they each ordered an appetizer as well

      2. Has anyone tried it, comments? I'm intrigued but it's also $75.

        1. That is one beautiful head!

          I'm jealous.

          I paid $5 for a pighead outta the casement in Coco Rico last summer - the server didn't know what to charge for it and was baffled that someone wanted to eat his decoration. Ate it up on the sidewalk bench to the dismay of the wife and sister-in-law.
          However, it was small and puny when compared to that APDC work of art!

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            Your wife and sister-in-law would have been in much greater dismay had I happened upon you sitting on the bench devouring the pig head... for I would have joined you.

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              We did a pig-picking like this for my nieces birthday last month.

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                Wow! How long does it take to cook the beast? That looks crispy-amazing. You guys don't kid around when it comes to BBQing... that is some homemade barbeque.

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                  Git 'er on at about 8:00am, cook it low and slow and its ready for supper.
                  Spread the coals and flip it on its back for the last 15 minutes to crisp up.
                  Meat; tender, juicy, a touch smoky.
                  The skin? best part.
                  Everyone picks what they want and the dogs get bones for days.

                  Ah, is this food porn? {8o

          2. This looks like something that requires a chowdown to try.... You'd need to gather a special group of people.

            1. To the uninitiated, how do you eat a pig's head? What's the play by play? What parts are actually tasty, and why?

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                I checked out this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjmlHi...) of a group dining on pig's head at Estragon in Boston. I am torn between being amazed and beingrepulsed... I would love to do it anyways.

                If there are any chowhounders willing to get together to give it a try, please contact me (email in my profile)... any time after Halloween, as I am too busy prepping to scare the kiddies until then.

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                  well...as for the play by play....start with the cheeks/jowls....knife and fork...they are sticky delicious lots of gelatine...then i would move to the snout and tounge end of things...the tounge will have the texture of ham...taste fairly mild....the snout quite gelatinous. The ears are a crunchy treat...cartilage and fat...Now as far as eye balls go....i would steer clear...ive never been able to do it....

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                    Here are the links to the blog entries of folks who ate a PDC pig's head, eyes and all.



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                      back to a hacksaw and grappa! Amazing!