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Oct 18, 2009 08:45 PM

Noodle House and its neighbors

Went to the new Noodle House in Rowland Heights for lunch on Thursday. The food was spectacular and the service was quick and friendly. We loved it so much (Thanks, Exilekiss and all the others who recommended it so highly) that we went back for dinner on Saturday night.

Arriving at 5:30, we were seated immediately, even though there seemed to already be people waiting (for takeout, maybe?). Once seated, tea and menus came quickly, but with a full house, and only three servers, even though there were seven or eight people cooking, the food took FOREVER to arrive.

We weren't the only ones, either, The people at the table next to ours got there before we did, and said that they they had waited more than an hour for their food to arrive.

The food was great, once again, and the server was very apologetic, saying that they were having trouble getting enough qualified staff, so we will definitely go there many more times. Even so, it really DID seem that things could have been better organized.

Next door to the Noodle house, to the North, is Pair Thai, and to the South was a Shabu Shabu place (Sorry, I don't remember the name). Has anyone tried either of these? What did you think?

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  1. Had the same problem of waiting for the food last Sunday at lunch arriving at about 11:45am for lunch just when they got full. Many tables were waiting for their food. They need to either change their methods (pre-make their items) or add more staff to the kitchcen.

    Sorry, can't report anything about their next door neighbors except I've hardly seen anyone in them except for IHOP which seems just as busy for Sunday lunch. I'm not going to drive 20 miles to try them out....I'm there for Noodle House !!!