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Oct 18, 2009 08:32 PM

Portland Knife Sharpening

I'm looking for a decent - and quick - knife sharpener in Portland. Does anyone have any suggestions? I only have a couple of general-use chef's knives, so I can't afford to be apart from them for more than a couple days.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There's a thread on here:
      Their recommendation (which I think came from a thread on, but now I can't find that one) is a mobile sharpener. It sounds like he is regularly at Garden Fever on NE 24th and Fremont. There is more info on how to contact him in that thread.

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        The mobile guy - I think he's literally called "the knife sharpener" is all over the east side. It's cheaper if you find him at one of his stops than if you want him to come to you. You can email him @ or call 503.962.0574 to get his schedule.

        1. re: Kazy Ctn

          Sharpening4U now has a storefront on Sandy somewhere in the 30s. They do good work--I had them sharpen my knives at the Moreland Farmers Mkt. last summer.

      2. I've seen one at the Hillsdale Farmers' Market.

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          I've used the guy at the Hillsdale Farmers market and he does a good job. If you get there early, he can probably do it while you shop if you ask him.

        2. Hawthorne Cutlery and Gifts....
          I have no idea what they sell, looks like Japanese this and that. It's not a "while you wait" sharpening place, but they do an amazing job.
          I finally broke down and decided to take my kitchen knives to a pro--I have a nice device for doing this at home and use it from time to time--but I knew all along that only a skilled knife sharpener with years of experience could do the job correctly. I have about half a dozen decent knives I've picked up over the years including an old carbon steel Sabatier I bought in about 1977 which, sadly, someone had bent the tip of many years ago.

          Well, this guy brought all my knives back to like-new shape, maybe better than new???? My treasured Sabatier is back in service and my boning knife is back to boning like never before. Six knives cost 25 bucks to restore their edges. Money well spent...makes cooking so much easier.

          Note to home cooks: get yer knives down to this place soon for a proper sharpening. I promise you will be glad you did. Hey, like Viagra for knives....

          1. Probably the best person in town is Woody from Zen Blades ( He only charges $5 and you can get knives done while you eat lunch at the Oregon Culinary Institute. He does the sharpening for quite a few restaurants and stores around town.

            If you've got some really high end custom or Japanese knives, Murray Carter in Vernonia claims to offer the world's best sharpening service. I think it is $40, though, so it doesn't make sense for most knives, and I doubt it is any better than Zen Blades.