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Oct 18, 2009 08:09 PM

Downtown-East Brunch Spot?

I am off to see a matinee next Sunday at the Alumnae Theatre (Berkeley & Adelaide) & want to take my aunt for brunch in the area beforehand. Thought Toba its closed!

Any suggestions for a delicious spot in the Queen/King East neighbourhood? Is Toba's replacement Pico worthy of a visit?

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  1. How about Le Petit Dejeuner? Here's a recent review of it:

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      I second TorontoJo's recommendation. Phoenikia's review sums it up accurately, as usual. I love this place for brunch - great vibe, friendly service, and most importantly, delicious food!

    2. The menu at Pico is virtually that same as Toba. Been for dinner & brunch at Pico and enjoyed them both.

      1. What about the Gilead Cafe?

        Another option is the Distillery District. I had a great brunch there (I think it was at the Boiler House), but it doesn't open until 11 on Sunday, and it's pricey.

        1. Another option is the Hot House Cafe...they have a Sunday brunch (buffet) which is pretty good for the price. It's a bit noisy/crowded so it might not be what you are looking for, but it's around $20pp so the price is right. Lots of selection too. Need reservations though.

          Le Petit Dejeuner is nice as well...although the coffee wasn't great the 2 times I have been there.

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            I second Hot House. I love it there.

          2. - As mentioned above, Toba is now Pico, not sure if they do brunch though.

            - Le Petit Dejeuner is fantastic for brunch, but the lineups are always long, so leave yourself tons of time if that's your choice. I have enjoyed the coffee there, and the waffles are worth the hype in my opinion.

            - A ten minute walk east along King will bring you to the Morning Glory, an excellent homey little cafe that I believe is/was a spin-off of Aunties & Uncles in the west end. It's usually busy on weekend mornings but the turnover is quick.

            - Within a stone's throw of the Morning Glory is JK's Gilead Cafe, really good sandwiches and frites though it is not really a traditional brunch venue and the service is a bit weird as you need to order at a counter, try to wrangle a table, and then wait for your name to be called.

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              Note on Morning Glory, it's cash-only. But tasty. I like the sandwich with the egg cooked into the bread...

     -- food. is. love.