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Oct 18, 2009 07:33 PM

I really, really wanted to like it, but...

Honey's Beestro on Ave. Rd. is officially three strikes--you're out! for me. I really wanted to like it: the owner is so super-nice, the staff are super-friendly and doing the best they can, it is a clean and comfortable place, and the location is within walking distance of my house. So why don't I like it? The food is mediocre (at best), generic and probably thawed from frozen, the chef put the wrong sauce on my wings, they brought out the appetizer with my main, the kids crayons are teeny little nubs that my kids could barely hold (I know it is picky, but really, crayons are so cheap & fresh ones make all the difference), and there was no live music on Friday night, like the banner advertised.

What other restaurants have you really, really wanted to like but you just can't?

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  1. School Bakery Cafe in Liberty Village. The menu looks interesting and its always packed so my fiance and I went this weekend. We had to wait about 30 mins for a table, service was prompt but they brought me the wrong dish.

    The waiter was apologetic but it took a really long time to bring me the right dish, my fiance was done eating by the time I got my food. The server didn't offer to reduce the bill or offer us anything complimentary for the mistake.

    Putting the mess up aside, the food wasn't even good. I had pancakes with carmelized peaches and candied walnus. The pancakes were ok, not overly sweet which I liked but the peaches were flavourless and the walnuts had such an odd taste that I thought something was bad in the dish at first then picked them all out.

    My fiance had eggs benedict which was mediocre. The eggs were solid which he hates, defeats the purpose of the whole dish really. It was served on a biscuit that was ok but dry.

    We also split a pepper biscuit which wasn't overly peppery and was dry as well.

    We won't be back.

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      This was similar to our experience, all the menu items sounded great but just weren't that good at all. But we did get good service and an undercooked burger was removed from the bill.

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        We went to School Bakery Cafe for brunch in August based on the good reviews and crowds and was disappointed. When we arrived, there was a long line up but when you look inside, there were many empty tables, so the long line up was artificial and we weren't the only ones left shaking our heads. The hostess seating the tables must have just woke up because she was slow as can be.

        We were seated about 10 min before our waitress finally came. We wanted water first and that took another 10 min. After we ordered, it was another long wait before anything came and I didn't have any utensils and napkin. More waiting. The dish I ordered (I think it was the omelet souffle) was warm at best and way overly salty that I couldn't finish it. We commented as such but the waitress didn't seem to care. We said no thanks to dessert and got out of there.

        After such fanfare and anticipation, we were very disappointed. Needless to say, we haven't been back since.

        1. re: syoung

          Funny, one of our major issues with our savoury dishes was that they seemed undersalted - and lacking in other compensating flavour. The omelette souffle in particular was bland, floury and sweetish - definitely not salty! Guess the kitchen is inconsistent, which makes sense given all the positive reviews on other threads.

        2. re: paper_bag_princess

          Yes, I feel (IMHO) that School is done. I think it's riding on hype at this point. It was an area fave, but we've moved on, for the same reasons you've captured above...

        3. I went to Honey's Beestro in Mississauga (5555 Eglinton W) last night.
          Got there at 8:50 - said kitchen was closing at 9PM, but they took our order.

          That turned out to be a mistake - we should have just walked out instead.

          Ordered chicken fingers with fries, a simple meal to watch some Monday Night Football with.
          Though the menu said it came with dill dip, she brought plum dip instead I asked her to replace it, she made a slight fuss, took away the plum dip and brought the dill.

          The chicken fingers were barely coated with their "Hot'n'Honey" sauce and seemed fresh from the freezer. Their house sauce tasted like barbecue to me.
          The fries were awful. Almost a burnt brownish hue on some pieces.
          They were also pulled directly from the freezer before being placed in the fryer.

          The venue itself is nice...too bad the food is so awful.

          1. bistro camino, i was embarassed to have invited people out for the meal.

            Bistro Camino
            2750 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C1L7, CA

            1. I wish I had a better memory because I read this review and DUH stupidly made the mistake of going to Honey's Beestry. Yuck. I'd sooner take chain fast food over this place.
              What a shame for the location. We went for Saturday lunch and it was mediocre on their best items and terrible and not freshly prepared foods. Irate it just above Gabby's on Yonge Street, near Lawrence and that palce is worse than cafeteria food.

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              1. re: Idas

                King's Noodles!
                I have never really enjoyed the food that I've had here for some reason. I work and live very close to Chinatown and just learned to avoid this place. In a search for good soups in Chinatown online, I kept coming across posts about King's Noodles' won ton soup. I went there again today, dealt with the gruff service and ended up with wontons filled with dark purple spongey meat that sort of put me off. The broth was nice initally, but overall, I wasn't thrilled at all.

                I feel like this place is a classic and well-loved by so many, so I feel like I should like it...yet don't!

                1. re: mia_wallace

                  in slight defense of King's Noodles i wouldn't suggest ordering their wonton soup... it's a pretty generic salty base with meh dumplings. i prefer their braised beef with rice noodles (haw fun) and use the soup base for moisture, their green seafood chow mein, maybe some fried rice.... and congee just because they make the dough sticks fresh. it's very comfort oriented for me and they do a better job of it than goldstone for sure but are not exemplary.

                  1. re: pinstripeprincess

                    See, you can't not like King's Noodles, it's bad news in this town! I swear, I read so many glowing reviews about their classic won ton soup and figured that would be the safest bet. Is braised beef with rice noodles a soup dish? What makes it yumm?

                    1. re: mia_wallace

                      you don't have to like it, but if you're basing it on that one dish then i'm just suggesting other ones that explain why i like it. they're not amazing at what they do, just very good for the neighbourhood. the braised beef is a soup noodle dish. i think it's listed on the menu as flank but it's braised with five spice powder and comes with the egg noodles, though i always ask for the rice noodles instead. it is very simplistic and homey.... reminders of saturday mornings with my close family. the beef is tender but substantial feeling between my teeth, nice solid beef flavour with a kick from the 5 spice. the broth served is likely the same stuff as with the wonton dish but i just have it there to maintain moisture. the rice noodles are fresh and i love the slippery texture and sweet rice flavour. it's nothing more than that... it might not be for you but it's what i enjoy.

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                  Oops typo Honey's Beestro. The Y came early from the following word Yuck.

                3. The original comment has been removed