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Oct 18, 2009 07:24 PM

Sterling silverware

I would like to buy sterling silverware. Preferably antique.
The problem is i don't know where. I live in NYC. Please help.


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    1. There's lots on ebay.

      1. More info please :) Do you want all the pieces to be of the same pattern or do you want to mix and match, which I think is charming and can save you lots of money. There are patterns that are quite old that are still being made; I have Gorham's Chantilly. You can go to stores and see things you like and narrow down your choices. You can walk into all sorts of antique and consignment shops. I wouldnt consider buying online (which I have done) until you narrow down what you like and don't. It will be a lovely pasttime. Have fun.

        1. This one of those areas where Ebay rules. I bet you can get a whole chestful (including the chest) for under $100.

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          1. re: pengcast

            And boy, would you be wrong! I just spent a half hour looking and sighing. Nothing like you imagined. But I really really really truly wish you had been right! '-)

            1. re: Caroline1

              Yeah, I've looked in the past for Chantilly and there were rarely any "deals" on eBay for silver. Less than retail but then ya gotta see what shipping is.

              1. re: c oliver

                Yes, c. ALWAYS important to check shipping. A lot things that look like good deals really aren't.

                Following up on what you and Caroline had to say, I've never felt comfortable buying on ebay. But a few people have mentioned that they've gotten good deals on LC, so I went to look this morning, for grins and giggles. I saw two instances in which participants had bid the price--these were new items--up past the prices at which I *know* I could currently get those items online from retailers. Then, there was another piece which had a "buy now" price above the current retail.

                Now I know people here have described some really good deals that they've gotten, but I know from the threads that they're good comparison shoppers. I guess the bidders on the items I saw today aren't! Just surprised me and taught me; I can't assume the price on ebay is a good one.

                1. re: Normandie

                  I've been watching the Le Creuset on Ebay for quite a few months, now, and right now there really aren't any bargains to be had...I think it's the "Julie and Julia" Effect. ;-)

                  I got some great pieces earlier this year, and you almost always can get a deal on the more ordinary USED LC.

                  1. re: Beckyleach

                    I work for an indie retailer. Every year LC has a price increase. We choose to date our stock of LC thast we have on hand and sell it at the retail price it was when we received it. Great bargains no but fair. PS. I FB with Julie, she has no LC.

                    1. re: Candy

                      I was referring to Ebay, and to the movie... and the fact that Le Creuset is featured prominently in the film. Many news articles recently have reported a surge in LC sales, directly attributed to the movie. The demand ON EBAY thus is stronger, and thus the bidding prices tend to go higher.

                      I haven't paid any attention to the prices in retail stores, as I never buy from them...

              2. re: Caroline1

                Actually the trick is to add an alert for the pattern you are looking for and that way you will know when it comes up. If you are patient, there are deals out there. But it does often come down to shipping. I don't think I would bother getting a case shipped. They can be found at flea markets all the time.

                But this is not the time of year for deals as everyone is getting ready for big dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

                1. re: pengcast

                  I am always watching. I check patterns I collect almost daily. I nearly had a heart attactk last week when I saw an add for a 45 pc. service for Wallace Lion for something like $345. On closer examination it turned out to be stainless.

                  Don't just look for flatware watch for hollowware too. I got a pair of salt and peppers, Shreve, Crump & Lowe, monogrammed with a K, (hand engraved) it is my maiden initial, for about $45.00. They probably date to the early 50's, extra heavy silver, not weighted. What a find. Silver junkies unite!

                  1. re: Candy

                    Wow, that does sound like a deal. I wouldn't care if something were monogrammed with an initial other than mine.

                    1. re: c oliver

                      Inherited silver (linens, etc) all have initials different than mine, but it makes them even more special because I remember all the stories about Great-Aunt So-and-So's idiosyncrasies, cousin XYZ's quirky wedding and how these pieces came to be in the family.

            2. Sabina, I have had *excellent* experiences mail-ordering antique silver from a company named "Antique Cupboard" in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I believe it is family owned and the service has been very good. For the patterns I've been interested in, I've also found their prices to be some of the most reasonable around.