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Oct 18, 2009 07:12 PM

Camarones al Diablo in the Tiki Cafe

Well, that is not really the name, but you can't help but notice the tikis added to exterior.

This "Mexican-family-with-dream" has built a two-story, indigenous yellow brick. free-standing building facing the highway that p goes through Cantamar, just about one half-mile south of the Pemex gas station.

On Thursday evening, we were hungry, and Mr. GJ graciously accepted my suggestion to go and try this whimsical looking place.

Keeping this report short - the dining room and kitchen are kept immaculately clean. The next door tiki carver has provided several fish sculptures to adorn the walls. The cocinera showed us the fresh shrimp in the shell before she went off to do her magic.

The camarones al diablo - ay, yi, yi. I have tried this dish in severral restaurants before and have been always disappointed. This was so good, we went back for breakfast today and senora made me a camarones omelette, with camarones al diablo additional on the side. Rice, beans, tortillas followed, then fresh salsa Mexicana and hot tortilla chips.

Mr. GJ had huevos rancheros and camarones al diablo, also.

How much for this feast, you ask? (Including coffee and a bottle of water.)

$10.00 US per person.

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  1. Where is Cantamar, Gypsy Jan?

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    1. re: Anonimo

      Approximately 12 miles south of Playas de Rosarito, and approximately two miles south of Puerto Nuevo, if that helps. It is a beach side community and if you are traveling south on the Tijuana-Ensenada toll road (1D), there is a Cantamar-Primo Tapia exit right after the Puerto Nuevo exit.

    2. Jan, this is great information! You're such a fabulous source for Baja chow.

      One question: whenever I have seen this dish on menus in other parts of Mexico, it's called 'camarónes a la diabla'. Do you know why it's called 'al diablo' at the Tiki Café?


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      1. re: cristina

        Hi Cristina,

        You are probably more right than I am. This was a suggestion made by the owner, so the dish wasn't on the menu and he spoke so rapidly that I had to make a guess at the spelling.