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Oct 18, 2009 07:12 PM

Fresh Truffles

As we near the holiday season, I'm really interested to hear two things: 1) where's the best place in LA to buy fresh truffles and 2) what's the best way to use them? Possibly the best single dish I've ever had was a really simple pasta, butter, cheese, and truffle combination in Italy. And I had a couple of beaten eggs cooked in fresh butter and sliced truffles in France that boggled my brain. I'm really interested in duplicating that kind of simplicity - but I'm also looking for some really new ideas. TIA!

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  1. I don't know about the BEST place; the only vendor I know of is the mushroom guy at the Calabasas farmers market (Saturday, 8:30 - 1). For the last several weeks he has had both black truffles, from France, and white, from Italy. Be forewarned, though: they are very expensive: the white ones are $1,000 a pound -- though of course, the odds on your wanting to buy a pound are probably pretty slim. The black are less -- I think he said $200 a pound.

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      I go to the Calabasas FM at least 3 times a month and haven't seen a mushroom guy there for about 5 years. I guess I'm missing him. Where is his stall? Thanks.

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        He has only been there the last 3, maybe 4 weeks. His stall is in the back part of the market, in the center -- sort of between the folks with the bread, Danish, etc. and the folks with the infused oils. I believe it's the same mushroom guy who was there 5 years ago -- a German fellow.

    2. I know they just got both black and whitetruffles into Monsieur Marcel at the 3rd & fairfax farmers' market. As mentioned by others, I think simplist is best..maybe a simple egg or pasta recipe. Complicated flavers cxan get, well, complicated. What a treat!

      1. We'd like to keep this thread focused on where to find truffles locally. The Home Cooking board is the best place to discuss what to do with them, so we'd suggest you post a new thread there or add your thoughts on a previous thread on that topic.