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Oct 18, 2009 06:16 PM

Russian honey cake with many layers?

Hello all,

I'm looking for what you all think is the best honey cake around for someone special.

She's talked about a honey cake with many layers that she had back in Russia.

I'm looking to buy one for her upcoming birthday. Looking for any place relatively accessible by public transportation.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. honey cake? or Russian coffee cake? A couple of the kosher bakeries on 108th street have the russian coffee cake if that's what you're after...I've never seen a densely layered honey cake--you could also ask the russian food store on the corner of 64th rd and 99th st in Rego Park, they might know where to direct you.

    1. Apparently, there are *several* variations of this cake, but the one below looks like it might be the one you're looking for. I'm guessing someone here would know where in Brighton Beach this cake is available.

      Look -->

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        Oh, I've definitely seen that cake on 108th street, at a couple of those Russian Deli prepared food stores----should be an easy find, either in Rego Park, or Brighten Beach

      2. Thanks for the helpful suggestions :)
        I think it's like the link Cheese Boy posted. It looks like what she described to me.

        Going to do a little legwork this weekend. Her Birthday is in a few weeks.

        Does anyone have a favorite bakery in Brighton Beach or Rego Park?

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          This may be the one you were looking for...

          A bit different, no condensed milk.

          The recipe calls for plain sweet biscuit crumbs - translating for the non-British, that actually means plain sweet cookie crumbs!!!

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            Gastronom or "A&R International Food & Delicatessen" on 108 st between 63 DR and 63 RD has at least two kinds of this honey cake and they are delicious. It is not a bakery, it is more of a Russian deli, I think they buy the cake from somewhere. I've seen it in other Russian delis as well. 108 is farther from the subway, you should try first in delis on Queens Blvd and if you can't find it check out 108 st.