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Oct 18, 2009 06:03 PM

Desserts in Downtown Toronto

Hi all,

A friend of mine is new to Toronto and I wanted to take her out to a nice dessert place since she loves desserts. We're students at UofT downtown campus so I'm hoping to find a place either close by or fairly TTC accessible. Also, nothing expensive since we're on a student's budget after all. We tried the Dessert Trends DT Bistro near spadina and bloor which was great. The food was very artistic and all but a little sweet for our tastes. Anyone have good suggestions?

Just to recap, we're looking for something...

Close to UT or TTC accessible

Not too expensive

Not too sweet

P.S. I've had a recommendation to try a place called Lava Mousse near Yonge and Eglinton but I can't find it on google or anything. Anyone know something about it?

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  1. This isn't a dessert place per se but Messis on Harbord serves a wicked dessert: Wild blueberry & white chocolate phyllo strudel with Tahitian vanilla ice cream ... I dropped in a couple weeks ago just for that and the restaurant was more than welcoming.

    97 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1G4, CA

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      Two thoughts for relatively close to U of T:
      1. Espresso Bar Mercurio has a small selection of desserts which are quite authentic. Pretty space, reasonably priced. And you can get a proper espresso or a glass of wine.
      2. Moroco in Yorkville is an experience. Not cheap, but decadent for dessert lovers.

      Finally, the strudel of which Yum speaks is a really great dessert!

    2. Once again I will reiterate that Toronto does not have any "real" dessert restaurant that are worth mentioning... unfortunately. I have put this thread out there before and except for a good dessert at a restaurant, no one can up with anything much better than gelato or Tim's for donuts. Bakeries like Phipps are great for desserts but usually they are not open late at night when you want to go for dessert.

      Anyone care to prove me wrong? Requirement are: over 80% of the menu must be dessert and it must be open until at least 11 on the weekend.

      1. I really like Demetres on the Danforth. Lots of choices. There was one called Just Desserts (not sure what the new name is) on Yonge, just south of Wellesley.

        When I was on a budget, I would go to the above places with my friends. We would get a slice and share it. Loved the atmosphere and I used to host book club meetings at both places.

        1. I personally love the fresh-made waffle/ice cream desserts at Demetres. You can design your own waffle/ice cream treat. I know it isn't very sophisticated but I do enjoy it. It's very true that it's hard to think of a dessert place that's open late. Back in the 80s and early 90s, they were all the rage. But now, yeah, not so much. I guess there's Just Desserts at Yonge and College or so but if it's anything like what the chain was back 10 years ago, I wouldn't recommend it. Talk about too sweet...

          1. What about Dufflet at 787 Queen Street West? I have always enjoyed the cakes/tarts/cookies purchased from Dufflet. I know their products are sold in other retail stores, but the selection in the Dufflet caf├ęs is wider, with items you wouldn't be likely to see in a Loblaws, for example. I have generally been to the Beaches location, and their slices have always been generous, given the price. It's not a late night place, though--the Queen West location closes at 7 Monday to Saturday, and 6 on Sundays, apparently. (Beaches location is open later on Fridays and Saturdays.)


            I also want to comment on the recommendation for Demetres. I have to say that it used to be one of my top spots in my early 20s...however, it is not a place I visit anymore because I can do crepes or waffles with a scoop of ice cream so easily at home, and better, too. Now, they do have cakes, but I've never been thrilled by any of them. It's more busy and lively than a place like Dufflet, with much more seating. It's on the Danforth, so there's stuff to walk to nearby (Book City, Carrot Common, etc.,), and it's open late. I just wish the food was better.

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              Demetre's is painfully expensive for what you get there. In my opinion, a much better place at that price point is Spin in Etobicoke.


              1. re: Boodah

                Looks promising, but it's in Etobicoke!!!

                1. re: Boodah

                  I'm sure you're probably right. I tend to be reasonably price-oblivious for that sort of thing as long as I leave satisfied.

                2. re: Full tummy

                  I agree--Dufflets has remarkably good mass produced dessert. I'm kind of sick of many of them now but that's only because I over-indulged years ago because they are so wide-spread available.

                  I guess if you have your own waffle maker, then it's true, you can do well at home. I don't have one and if I did, I wouldn't likely go through the fuss of waffles for dessert--and I like Demetres white chocolate ice cream and the hot fudge sauce is pretty decent. (I usually go to the one at Eglinton and Redpath.) I don't try the cakes there. I think they might have once been interesting but now, not so much.