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Oct 18, 2009 05:04 PM

CHAT American Grill- 2 thumbs up!

We tried CHAT American Grill last night with another couple and we were all pleasantly surprised at what a good experience we had. I say this because, when we first arrived, the place (bar, dining room, entry way) was so packed. There was a large table for teenagers, and no room to even get out of the way of the waitstaff while we waited for our table. I thought to myself, " Oh, I see where this is going!". I could not have been more wrong.

We were seated fairly promptly for our 8pm reservation. I expect to wait a bit on a busy Saturday night. I would say we waited maybe 10 mins. We had a nice table to the side of the dining room near the large windows. Our waiter, Alfredo, arrived with menus and a smile. We asked about specials and he explained them well, and was very honest ( which I appreciate) when we inquired about particular dishes. He promptly brought drinks and we sat for a bit and discussed our ordering strategy. NO rush at all.

We ordered to start- the black bean soup, baked clams ( special), shrimp dumplings and my friend ordered a salad made to her specifications. All arrived together and were tasty. They did seem to have a problem figuring out what the red wine dressing was- though it was offered on the menu. We went through no fewer than 5 attempts before I politely asked the manager to please, get the right dressing. Our waiter was on the case and was trying very hard to get the kitchen to understand- they kept sending him out with something else until they got it right. I am still a tad confused about this.

Dinner was very good. I had the Chilean Sea Bass special with a light teriyaki glaze and I asked for the sides that went with the tuna entree. No problem. It was cooked perfectly. My husband had the chicken and mushroom lasagna and loved it. Friends had a Kobe Cheeseburger and Jambalaya. Yum! Dessert was on the house for the trouble with the salad dressing. Very nice of them. I am not such a dessert eater but we got a banana split and a dish of the "bites". They are little cake-like bundles. Part pastry, part cake/cookie.

I do not know what the bill was b/c "the guys" paid. Sorry about that. But it was very enjoyable meal, excellent service and a fun new place in Scarsdale that was badly needed. We will absolutely return and hope the level of attention to the food and service remains the same.

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      Christie Street in Scarsdale Village.

    2. This is good to the food better or equal to their other restaurants? We actually like Lusardis but never was crazy about Chat19. I presume they are the same owners?

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        I'm trying this place on Saturday. I'll post after.

      2. I had dinner at Chat last week with a group of 6. We had a reservation and we were seated right away. It was packed at 8:00 on a Wednesday and we were surprised because it was the opening night of the World Series (husbands all stayed home to watch the game!).

        I started with a salad with goat cheese and beets it was very large and tasty. Then I had a turkey and brie panini with cranberries and it came with fries. The sandwich was also very good. Although I didn't taste it, my friend ordered the steamed artichoke appetizer and it looked great. She really enjoyed it. Some people at the table had the grilled tuna sandwich for an entree and they seemed to enjoy that (I don't like tuna). I can't remember what everyone else got, but we were all there for the first time and overall everyone really enjoyed their food.

        Some had a glass of wine, others just had Diet Coke. We each had an appetizer and an entree (or sandwich of some sort) and with tip it came to $40pp. I liked it a lot and I look forward to going back. Only downside was that it was very noisy...