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Oct 18, 2009 04:08 PM

Chester River Tavern

We were looking for a new place for Saturday, and it seemed that River Tavern would be a good road trip from the Glastonbury area. The space was great - colorful, warm, and cozy. It was neat to go through the kitchen to get to the restrooms. I saw a bag of lump charcoal in the kitchen but wasn't sure where they burned it. The wait staff was strange: we were asked whether we "wanted something other than water" when we were seated. We split the green salad with walnuts, apples and feta, it was delicious. My wife had a crepe with chicken, ham, and cheddar which was also excellent. I ordered the burger - it was a mouthful. Unfortunately, the roll was not cut in half but rather 2/3 on the bottom to 1/3 for the top. This caused the burger to fall apart. I also elected to switch the home made ketsup for chipotle mayo and was disappointed - not tasting of chipotle at all. Actually, after a taste test, my wife and I decided it was more of a lemon mayo. The burger was great, but you could not eat it as a burger. All in all, we will definitely go back to the River Tavern.

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