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Oct 18, 2009 03:50 PM

Dig the Pig

Last fall, my life changed forever when I tasted the home smoked/cured ham from Seabreeze Farm on Vashon at the Ballard Farmers Market. Now I am in a constant search for highest quality hams available -- not the pink, saline infused products at most grocery stores. With the Holidays just around the corner, can anyone suggest potential sources for the beautiful salty pig product? Many thanks.

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  1. I would seriously consider special ordering what you want from Sea Breeze. Or for even more of a treat, go to the U-District Farmers market and go get some mangalitsa. The Mangalitsa (from Wolly Pigs) is definitely porkier, but the flavor is unlike most anything you'll ever find.

    1. I personally really like the ham from Skagit River Ranch - I know they usually have it around the holidays and I have been told that the can make one for me with 3-4 weeks lead time. For the best pork in general - definitely Wooly pigs

      1. Thanks...I checked out Wolly Pig's website and it looks fantastic. I'll trek over to Univeristy Farmer's Market this weekend -- I usually hangout at the Ballard market.

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          I didn't see Seabreeze at Ballard last weekend, and didnt' get to the market this week. Are they still there on a regular basis?

          1. re: bluedog67

            They were at Ballard last weekend. They are there every weekend. I don't think they have missed a weekend in over a year (I'm there every weekend and usually buy from them) If you haven't been there in a while though they might look different. They have a big refrigerator case now.

            1. re: patriciajane

              Yes, had been going to QA during the summer, so was my first week back since spring, but they had the big case then. Must have just passed them in my hurry (was close to closing time). Are they still on the same side (by other coast cafe)?

              Thanks for the confirmation that divine pork is still within reach!

              1. re: bluedog67

                They are a little further down now. Across from Clover (the kids's store). Same side of the street though.