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Oct 18, 2009 03:13 PM

Brunch and Beyond Next Weekend

I will be in New Orleans next Sunday for brunch. It's been a long time since I've been there, but I'm looking at Dante's Kitchen, Elizabeth's or EAT for brunch? What would you recommend? I'm open to other suggestions too.

Also here is the rest of the itinerary. Totally open to suggestions.

Saturday lunch - Cochon
Saturday dinner - Brigtsen's

Sunday brunch - see above
Sunday dinner - need suggestions

Monday lunch - Willie Mae's (Coops or Fiorella's better)
Monday dinner - Jockamo's and thought we'd stop by the Maple Leaf Bar afterwards

Other places of interest are Camellia Grill, Central Grocery, Green Goddess

Bars of interest are Absinthe House, Snug Harbor, DBA, Spotted Cat.

I've read that the best turtle soup is at Mandina's.

Again, I am totally open to suggestions as it's been 15 years since I've been to New Orleans.

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  1. For brunch, I'd choose Dante's. If you're lookin for fried chicken for Monday lunch, I'd go for Willie Mae's. Sunday dinner: So many places are closed, but some options: Mr. B's, Luke, Bacco, Domenica (Italian)

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    1. Green Goddess (my new obsession) or Dante's for brunch. I would try to fit both in if I were you. I had steak and eggs at Dante's last Sunday and it was the perfect remedy after a weekend of wedding food out of town. Dante's also has some of the city's best shrimp and grits.

      You could do Mandina's for Sunday dinner if you want. I've never had the turtle soup, but they have the best gumbo in town.

      All of those bars are fun. Saturday night on Frenchmen St. is a good time. Walk to Mimi's in the Marigny for late night eats.

      Have fun and thanks for visiting!

      I love Camellia but if I only had a few days in this city I wouldn't even consider it.

      1. Coop's is a dive for sure but GREAT food. Liuzza's on Bienville is a great lunch spot. Commanader's is wonderful for brunch, EAT if you want more casual. Irene's Cuisine also a great dinner spot. Don't miss Lafitte's on the quiet end of Bourbon street for drinking. I really enjoy Frenchmen Street, and i love DBA, BUT last time we were there they added a huge tip onto a credit card when we had already left them a ton of cash. I'll go back again for sure, watch for that scam; I've heard about happening it other places as well.

        Have a wonderful trip!

        1. IMO, the best turtle soup is at Commander's. Sunday dinner: August, Emeril's, Rambla, POC. Coop's is inexpensive and (IMO) lousy. WM's fried chicken is excellent. Get there 11am when they open. Next weekend is voodoo. Be sure to get resv. wherever possible.