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Oct 18, 2009 02:19 PM

What do you put in your Ham Salad?

I have a hankering for ham salad. I don't have any leftover ham, but I bought a package of diced ham. So now I am set to go! I used to just make it with ham, mayo, sweet relish and maybe some finely diced celery. Last time I made it I went a little nuts and tossed in some cheese, which I chopped in my mini chopper so it was like small balls of cheese - not grated, some finely chopped black olives, no celery, and a bit of dill relish. It was very good. My mom made it with green peppers, but I don't really care for those in my ham salad, but then again, her ham salad was actually made from bologna, so . . .

Do you have any other things that you toss in to make it "more than just ham salad?" I don't care if it is eaten on bread, lettuce, crackers, or just with a fork!

Thanks, Dani

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  1. I like to add some chopped jicama, carrots and quinoa for added crunch and texture. I also make sure to use either wasabi or horseradish for that added "punch". Ham salad is one of the few times where I use Miracle Whip (and no mayo). Toss in some diced banana peppers as an alternative to relish.

    1. Funny. I read your title and thought "what the hell is ham salad?" I've never heard of it but what you describe sounds really good. I add capers to tuna salad if that appeals. Sun-dried tomatoes? Some mustard. Let's see. Ham and Swiss cheese on rye with mustard and mayo. So maybe some Swiss cheese cube-ettes and some carraway seed? This sound really good. Thanks for the education.

      1. Try your ham salad grilled with swiss cheese on seeded rye being careful to use medium heat or lower or the salad will not be hot when you are done. Used to really warm up on a cold Michigan day.

        I second the Miracle Whip. Some sandwiches just are better with it.

        1. Instead of relish, chop up your favorite dill pickles.
          You can also blend it all into cream cheese, instead of mayo or miracle whip.

          1. In the food processor, pineapple,jalepenos and pimento with low fat cream cheese. MMMMM