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Oct 18, 2009 02:02 PM

Alumni Restaurant Franklin, Ma

This is a new place on Rte 140. Has anyone been? Also was wondering what their hours were. Thanks.

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  1. I've tried this place 4 times. The food is excellent and the service at the bar is fine but the wait staff in the dining area is horrible. They consistently mess up orders, are rude and don't seem to care about their jobs at all. This is 3 separate waitresses I've tried, not a single experience.

    Last night was the worst. They never seated us or even acknowledged we were there. After 10 minutes we sat ourselves because they were not busy at all. When they finally took our drink orders, we waited 20 minutes for our drinks. When the drinks finally came the bartender immediately recalled them and took them away. No explanation, no apology, just took our drinks away. Now if they screwed up you'd think their top priority would be to get the right drinks out right away but no. We waited another 10 minutes for the drinks.

    Our waitress was rude. She rolled her eyes anytime we asked for anything like extra sour cream or ketchup. Sorry to make you work hunny. Don't spend your $1.50 tip all in one place....

    I've never been anywhere with such consistently terrible service. The food was great and if you do go I would recommend the roast beef or the chicken pot pie but don't expect to see me there. I will never eat at this restaurant again. I've given them 4 chances and they only get worse.

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      I've been twice and won't return. First time sat at the bar. Bartenders were very friendly and the owner came over and thanked us for being there. Food was just ok. Service good except we had to cash out when our bartender went off duty. Second time was dining room and we experienced poor service and cocktails (no alcohol). Later I heard that it's the male bartender who does that. Prior to the poor service we asked about their function room -- they wouldn't give us a menu but insisted on knowing what our budget was.

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