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Oct 18, 2009 01:47 PM

Alton Brown's ten year anniversary show, Good Eats

This is a new low for the Food Channel, and Alton Brown in particular. It's a live show with Ted Allen doing a game show format. Now they're going to commercial with AB going inside the "vomitron." My wife seems to be enjoying it, but I can't hang with it. I'm taking my flu infected body back to the spare bedroom for more football.

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  1. Good Eats is one of the few shows left on Food TV that I actually like. Being an Alton fan and a Ted Allen fan, I watched the 10th anniversary special. Good god that was painful. I am even more disappointed than when I discovered Alton was hawking Welch's Grape Juice.

    1. I couldn't watch it either. Poor Alton.

      1. Watched it. Found it funny. Alton seemed to be enjoying it :)

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        1. re: Popkin

          "Seemed" is the operative word. Sort of obliged, isn't he?

          But I suspect we do have to blame Alton for the hokey, not particularly funny stuff in this special since he pretty much calls the shots for his own show(s).

          1. re: cmvan

            I watched five minutes of it. Couldn't tolerate more than that. And I love Alton.

            1. re: NYCkaren

              Watched the whole show and it was bad, really bad. I like both Alton and Ted and was expecting much more for a 10th anniversary show.

              1. re: chazmo

                My impression was that it was playing to the diehard fans, especially the ones that like the gadgetry and gimmicks. It wasn't aimed at serious cooks.

                Another way to put it - was it aimed at people who occasionally talk about the show on Chowhound, or to fans who participate in a 'good eats forum', catalog all the props he has used, and are willing to travel to Atlanta to attend a 10th Anniversary special?

                1. re: chazmo

                  I was also disappointed in the show; all those years of fun and scientific explanations diluted to an hour of whatever it was. I sure hope AB is okay; his weight loss was considerable. WIsh him many more good anniversarys.

          2. I love Good Eats. I love AB. I HATE audience shows. Turned it off after ten minutes or so. What a disappointment!

            1. Just wondering people, what is there to like about Ted Allen?? I really want to know. IMHO he is the worst host in the history of hosts. DRY. I have no idea why the food network is obsessed with this guy right now. When he comes off, I change the channel. Please xplain :)

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              1. re: mlukan

                I find his sort of dryness cute. He comes off as a very polite guy, with no need to be showy. Even the smidge of snob fits in well with the humor style.

                1. re: Popkin

                  I believe Alton referred to Ted as a "fellow food geek with glasses", or something to that effect, when he introduced him.

                  Plus, as we've seen repeatedly, once you're a FN personality, you get inserted into all sorts of programs. No "uni-taskers" allowed on that network!

                  1. re: cmvan

                    i was thinking that about alton -- he's on everything (it seems) on food network. he's like the godfather of food network, now that emeril has receded....

                    btw, alton looked really skinny. it didn't look good on him.

                    1. re: alkapal

                      "Gaunt" was what I called it, on the Next Iron Chef commercial. I figured it was the lighting.

                      1. re: Shrinkrap

                        gaunt is it exactly! was that the lighting? sci-fi lighting?

                2. re: mlukan

                  I like Ted Allen when he's doing non-scripted work, like when he's on a judging panel. But he tends to be monotone and fake-serious sounding when he's working from a script, like his recent food science show and the Alton Brown anniversay show (for which I lasted only 15 minutes).

                  1. re: MartinDC

                    can someone please explain to me the allure of Alton Brown? I find his delivery to be that of a host of a children's show. I don't get his popularity at all.

                    1. re: HabaneroJane

                      Some of us just refuse to grow up. :)

                      1. re: HabaneroJane

                        In the "Squid Pro Quo" episode, Alton opens the refrigerator and sees that it is full of squid. "Ah, a cabinet of Dr. Calamari," he depans. If you don't find that funny, there is no way to explain the popularity of Alton Brown.

                    2. re: mlukan

                      I became a Ted Allen fan from back in his Queer Eye for the Straight Guy days. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I loved that show.