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What to make with Country Style Ribs?

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Would appreciate recipes and suggestions on what to make with country style ribs?

I'd prefer a blow braise to make sauce or something for pasta but open to other suggestions (no BBQ or anything spicy as it is for my kids).

I used to a great recipe for country style ribs from Lidia's Italy show but cannot seem to locate.


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  1. Geeeeeez, to me, you hafta hafta offer potatoes with pork ribs...I'm assuming you are talking pork country ribs, right? Maybe it's my partial-German heritage that dictates such...but pork and potatoes go hand-in-hand for us! So, this could be potato salad...potatoes au gratin...or even mashed potatoes! Go for it!

    1. Definitely agree with Val on the potatoes. Potato salad is the first that came to mind.

      Or macaroni salad could be good, as well.

      1. When we get country style ribs from our CSA, I often make this recipe:

        It's very easy and good (but a bit soupier than the recipe appears).
        It's snowing here in MA, so this is sounding really good to me.

        1. For the fall I would do a warm German potato salad and a simple pot of pinto beans or a pan of baked beans...yum, I love Country Style Ribs!

          1. To me those ribs are crying out for a great cabbage dish in some form. Braised, buttered, baked.... anything, even slaw. Yes, and potatoes too.

            1. Lemmee turn you guys on to something...
              My Mom used to make country style pork ribs this way and it was so awesome...
              Kinda Hawaiianny I guess, but it was a Jewish thing...

              She would toss the meat in a big bowl with some soy sauce and a lil' red pepper flakes, and then she'd pour over a bottle of a duck saucey product called 'Saucy Susan'...

              In a roasting pan covered with foil for an hour, then uncovered for an hour till tender, sticky, and carmelized...

              Nestled in a big pile of a wild rice Rice a Roni type thing!

              It was a SCENE man!

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              1. We did braised country ribs with cole slaw and acorn squash. Simple, flavorful and no complaints from the cres.

                  1. I do the ribs in the slow cooker with a teriyaki sauce and then serve with buttered broad noodles and pea pods. It one of my son's favourites.

                    1. Pork Chili Verde - try this one (I used green enchilada sauce instead) -- unauthentic but easy and tasty!