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Oct 18, 2009 01:33 PM

Not pre-theater in the theater district: DB Bistro, Triomphe, La Masseria, Vice Versa or other suggestions?

We are meeting another couple, old friends of my husband, for dinner near times square, near where his friend works. Since we no longer live in town, we want a nice restaurant with good food and good atmosphere, where we can talk and catch up. We need to meet at 7 or thereabouts (babysitters already arranged), which isn't quite post theater. We have always enjoyed our food at DB Bistro, but were considering alternatives. Any thoughts on the restaurants mentioned?

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  1. Of these, the only one I have been to is Vice Versa. The food is not the best around, but it is one of the best for the price in the theater district. The desserts are particularly creative(unusual for an Italian restaurant) and the pastas are very good (love the strozzapreti with duck ragu and the gnocchi). Though it may be very busy pre-theater, the tables are well-spaced and the seating is very comfortable, and it is not too loud. I prefer the food at Orso, but would never go at that hour. Same goes for Marseille.

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      Try the new Oceana...a beautiful room, fresh seafood.

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        I was also unimpressed with the food at Vice Versa.
        We did have a great pre theater meal at Nougatine. The food was great and the service efficient...they will ensure you make it in time

      2. Where is the new Oceana? Unfortunately, Nougatine is not near Times Square.

        1. I have enjoyed Trattoria Trecolori (w 47th). Good Italian food -- I especially usually like their daily special ravioli (I've had that daily special on a number of occasions and it's always different and always tasty). It can get crowded downstairs during "pre theatre" but we've asked to be seated upstairs and it's much more quiet (and roomy!) up there. And the service is still attentive.

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            How does the food compare to Osteria Gelsi, Lazzara, or La Masseria? I think Oceana might be out of the budget, unfortunately...

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              I haven't been to those others. But hopefully RGR will chime in as I think she has and she's the one that turned me on to Trattoria Trecolori too.

              I do know that you can look at Trecolori's menu online, to see the pricing and all that. Sorry I'm of no help on the comparison front.

          2. I ate at db bistro moderne over the weekend and had a great meal. My party of 6 arrived at 8:00, so the theater crowd was long gone. We had a wonderful, unrushed meal.