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Oct 18, 2009 12:41 PM

Coconut Grove Staycation

Kids gonna have a long weekend so booked a couple nights at the Residence Inn Coconut Grove this coming weekend. Hit mostly kiddy attractions south of there that we have never done before like the monkey jungle and everglades animal park as we have done the seaquarium, zoo, etc... before.

We need recommendations for two great dinners in the Coconut Grove / Coral Gables area. We eat everything, price is not a problem, and the kids are very good in any restaurant. Heck, one of their favorite foods is Tuna Tartar!! Thanks ahead of time!

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  1. Raboi>

    With the weather turning balmy, I'd suggest the Boater's Grill out on Key Biscayne and Jaguar (ceviche/grill) in the Grove.


    1. Definitely Jaguar in the Grove, Whisk Gourmet for lunch in the Gables, or Por Fin in the Gables. I also like Focaccia Rustica in the Grove for lunch and Le Bouchon du Grove for dinner. For a great Spanish (the European kind) meal, check out Ideas in the Grove.

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        I had a pretty terrible meal at Le Bouchon a few weeks ago. We ordered 2 onion soups and an order of mussels w/ fries and the soup was far too acidic to the point that my girlfriend didn't even eat half of it. The mussels tasted "funky" and the cream sauce again was too acidic and we barely ate half of just one order. We were very disappointed. In contrast, we did enjoy a nice lunch at the french spot in Mary Brickell.

      2. Jaguar for sure...Ceviches & specials. Also try their Tacos. The folks at Jaguar are supposed to be opening their Mexican Resto this week in the Gables. Talavera is the name. Should be very good.

        George's (French Fare) in the Grove is good too. Los Ranchos in the Grove does a nice job as well. It's a Nicaraguan Steak House.

        Scotty's Landing on the Bay is a great place to kill some time with some decent F&B and an extrodinary vista and vibe of old Coconut Grove.

        Coral Gables has a plethora of world class eateries including Pascal's (French), Abracci (Italian), Randazzo's (Chicago style Italian), Ortanique (Caribbean Fusion), John Martin's (Irish) to name just a few.

        1. The Mexican restaurant from the Jaguar folks in Coral Gables, Talavera, supposedly opened this week (I've been out of town and haven't been by to confirm). You've gotten some good advice here, the ones in particular I'd highlight are Jaguar, Scotty's Landing (not outstanding food but great location, maybe more drinks and a snack than a full meal), Por Fin (Spanish), Ortanique (Nuevo Caribbean), Pascal's (French), and also Bugatti for another Italian rec in Coral Gables. And Su Shin Izakaya for Japanese.

          1. Thanks for everybody's responses!!! Heading down there tonight.

            Great call on Jaguar. Menu looks great. Walking distance to hotel helps. Looks like Fun. Reservations there on Friday night were confirmed.

            Decided to get out of the grove the next night. I like the idea of Ortanique and hanging out on the Magnificient Mile alot but it seemed very similar to Jaguar in the latin sense. Decided to make reservations at Michael's Genuine. I know its farther but still close enough for an easy drive, we have never been there, and its reviews are killer.

            Once again, great thanks.

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            1. re: Raboi

              Ortanique also has a good lunch menu if you're so inclined.

              1. re: Frodnesor

                And Ortanique has more of a Caribbean bent whereas Jaguar is Mexican/Central American/Peruvian.