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Oct 18, 2009 12:02 PM

Eating light in Paris - no/limited cheese or dairy?

We're in Paris for the week. We're looking for places that have interesting light, low-fat choices on the menu. Another big limit is low or no dairy products, meaning cheese is pretty much out. Suggestions? We'd like to keep things < 50 euro each or so, although we both quite enjoy reading about 350 euro meals here.

We're also not really looking for non-French food, unless it's really special - there seem to be tons of OK Thai/Vietnamese/etc around.

This isn't an issue with day-to-day eating (we've got an apartment and have been enjoying the markets and cooking ourselves, and most Asian food works just fine), it's more of a question of finding really interesting French restaurants that fit fairly non-French criteria.


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  1. My two main recommendations are "Maceo" and "Fish" both have chefs who produce a more modern style of food that is lighter than standard French cuisine at this price point.

    The other thought is Ze Kitchen Gallerie or it's new sibling KGB (Kitchen Gallerie Bis), the style of cooking at these is very east/west fusion with lots of Asian spices/herbs but in a French context. I am personally not a fan, but others I respect rave about the food. However, be careful, lunch is a bargain as it is a set menu, dinner doesn't have a menu and gets expensive quickly.

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      Thanks! Maceo's menu ( is right in line with the kind of things we're looking for. Reading other threads around here, Le Petrelle seems like it's the right sort of place as well, so we'll walk by there sometime during the day to check out what might be posted for menus. Couldn't find menus online for either Fish or Petrelle - is there a good place to look for Paris menus online? Something like a French I understand that they change often, but looking at past menus is a) entertaining, and b) gives an idea of the kinds of things they might have in the future...

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        There's no place for online menu (except for a few restaurants, and those websites are usually not up to date). Only the Lebey guide has excerpts, ans it's not online.