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Oct 18, 2009 12:01 PM

Mt Everest (Bloor) - about to take a turn for the worse?

I go to Mt Everest on a regular basis (atleast once a week) for the lunch buffet. The food is different and of a higher quality than most others.

However, On my most recent visit I noticed something that will make think twice about the food from here on in.

Here's what happened:
so its my Sunday visit to Everest and after having eaten I ventured downstairs to visit the Washroom before heading out. What I saw lyiugn downthere broke my heart...A huge, gleaming, freshly emptied MICROWAVE BOX!!!!

Now, I realize they might have simply bought a replacement (i.e they alreasdy use one) but still in hindsight, today's second batch of Tandoori Chicken seemed to be unusually oily (this happens when they freeze it to thaw-by-frying or heating)

I sincerely hope they aren't planning to start using that nonsensical device in the kitchen. God knows Toronto needs good, fresh food options.

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  1. Anyone had any recent experiences at Mt Everest? Their menu looks very interesting.

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    1. re: Ediblethoughts

      Haven 't been for a bout a year. Its a bit on the pricey side, but I've always enjoyed the food and service there. Its really just a north indian restaurant with a few nepalese dishes. Maybe its time I went back.

      1. re: haggisdragon

        Agreed. I also haven't been for about a year. And while on the slightly pricey side it has always given me delicious food and wonderful service.

        1. re: magic

          I'm going to agree with these posters as well. I used to go to Mt. Everest regularly when I was in school, and it is quality food. I usually shy away from Indian buffets and order à la carte, but the few times I did get the buffet plate I was pleasantly surprised. The staff is very friendly as well, and the chai is spicy and unsweetened -- one of the best in the city.

          1. re: stet

            Thanks for the responses--I'm convinced. I'll be going.

    2. There's nothing wrong with a microwave. It's a good tool to have in the kitchen.

      I will however say that if it's over used, you see it in the food. You'll notice if things are just reheated in from frozen in a nuculator.


        1. re: garfield

          Yes. A few years ago. From what I can recall they were damn good. Not that I know a damn thing about momos. All I knew was they tasted good.

        2. So we tried this place out on Saturday. The food was good and the greens/saag were about as lovely (fresh and spinach green--not swamp green--with lovely seasoning) as anything I've seen/tasted in an Indian restaurant in 20 years. My only real complaint was the length of time to get our food. We arrived around 5:45 (maybe a little earlier) and we ordered very soon after arriving; the food didn't arrive for over an hour. So I'm not ruling out a return but either I won't go on Sat or I'll be getting there considerably earlier than 5:45.

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          1. re: Ediblethoughts

            Glad you enjoyed the food. Odd about how long it took to arrive tho. I've never had that happen. Wait times have always been normal for me. Hmm.

            1. re: magic

              I'm glad to know it was an anomaly. Maybe I won't be quite so wary of going back next time then..

              1. re: Ediblethoughts

                Ya your experience does sound odd. To my experiences there at least. Good that you'll give it another shot. :)