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Oct 18, 2009 11:11 AM

Rome: Lo Sgobbone, Cantina di Ninco Nanco and Pommidoro?? All new additions to the '09 Osterie Guide

Has anybody been to any of these delicious sounding spots? They are new additions to the '09 Slow Food Osterie d'Italia and we won't get a chance to try all of them, but have time for 1 or 2 of them at the beginning of November. Would very much appreciate any 1st hand impressions, reviews or other reactions.


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  1. Hi Kirk,

    Here my 2 cent advise. Pommidoro has been around for over 50 years, located in the lively San Lorenzo quarter, IMHO this place rested on his laurels for the last 15 years, food is unremarkable but overpriced and service is ok at the best. NInco Nanco serves very good food and has got the best Basilicata region wine list (Aglianico is KIng) but although just off the Pantheon the restaurant is located in a basement! Lo Sgobbone is a very good Trattoria located in the middle class Flaminio area serving excellent food at very reasonable prices.
    The places I enjoyed the most recently were Settembrini (excellent wine list) and Fernanda (cheap & cheerful) for modern Italian cuisine, and La Campana for traditional roman fares just off Piazza Augusto Imperatore.
    Hope this helps
    Ciao from Rome

    Nancy Aiello

    1. Thanks for this post...Cantina di Ninco sounds interesting. I read some of their posted reviews and so on, and I'm excited...since I had been planning to get to Basilicata this trip and can't make it, this looks like a reasonable alternative. Maybe a bit more upscale than I thought, but.... I'll report back in late November. Thanks again for bringing these to my attention.

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        nothing in Slowfood Osterie guide is all that upscale, since they do not list expensive restaurants.

        Regarding Nancy's post we just had a very nice sunday lunch at La Campana, I had a bit of doubt on our last visit (2005) whether they were maintaining quality, but the food this time was excellent, maybe the younger generation of owners now in evidence have made a diff ? (the good old waiters are still there)
        I had lamb alla cacciatora and a special, linguine with zucchini flowers and bottarga, both were excellent, along with the puntarelle salad and the poached pear dessert - pleasant atmosphere too.

        1. re: jen kalb

          thanks very much Nancy and Jen. seems like we should give La Campana a try.