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Do you/can you freeze a half loaf of bread?

We just don't eat as much bread as we used to, and it gets moldy before we get halfway through it. I have it in a bread box, but that doesn't help. Also, I like a variety of breads to make sandwiches with, but the DH only likes one type, and it doesn't come in a small size.

What about buns? My MIL & my mom used to get bags of buns (like hot dog buns) and just toss in the freezer, but they never seemed to taste quite right after defrosting.

I hate tossing food out, and I do have a foodsaver, but would appreciate any suggestions out there. Of course I can always go feed the ducks with the bread! Without the molded parts.

Thanks, Dani

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  1. I live in SWFL and I keep bread in the freezer all the time. You are correct about the cheap-o hamburger/hot dog buns...they just don't hold up well in the freezer. My son loves the Arnold Oatnut bread...during the work week, I keep that in the fridge not the freezer because I know he's making sandwiches for work M-F and it will surely be used up. For me, though...I rarely eat bread, so mine stays in the freezer. I've been really loving those Toufayan whole wheat pitettes by the way and they freeze nicely!

    1. Yes, we often freeze part of a loaf and, upon thawing, use it for toast and sandwiches. When initially freezing, get as much air out of the wrap/bag as possible.

      1. Like Val, I freeze "good" bread- hamburger and hot dog buns don't seem to hold up, unless they're heartier versions made fresh at the bakery. When I buy a loaf of bread, half goes straight into the freezer since the two of us can't get through a loaf without it going moldy. I'll use the cheap leftovers to make breadcrumbs.

        1. There's a national brand (I forget which one) that puts out small-sized loaves of bread. They're probably more expensive per slice than the normal loaves, but at least you won't be throwing old bread away.
          I dry out my unused buns, put them in the blender, then make something that requires a dry bread crumb coating, like oven-fried chicken.

          1. When we buy bread we slice it at home and freeze the whole loaf immediately. We remove the bread by the slice for toasting or sandwiches and I really don't think the quality of the bread suffers. We do buy very dense whole grain breads which might make a difference in the freezing.

            1. I haven't had too much trouble with freezing buns, but it may depend on the freezer cycles? I have no idea. I pretty much freeze any type of bread, but I don't eat the white Wonderbread types so I can't say how those hold up. I eat the same kind of bread for breakfast everyday and when it's on sale I like to get several and put most in the freezer. It's best not to open them up at all before freezing if you know you won't use it right away, but if half is going to be used later in the week just try to get all the air out.

              1. Just about any type of bread freezes well, either whole, half loaf, or even by the slice, as long as it is wrapped well and properly.

                Buns, esp. those cheap-o puffy hot dog buns, don't hold up well in the freezer. I think given their puffy texture they're more prone to freezer burn, but that's just a guess.

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                  You know, I have not tried double-wrapping or triple-wrapping those buns...it might helpl For just the 2 of us...we aren't going to blow through 8 hamburger or hotdog rolls on the rare occasion that we need them...but double-wrapping might help. I also hate to waste food, even if it's just a cheap-o hotdog bun...I'd rather freeze what I don't need and then use it next time!

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                    I thought I would try putting the bread or buns in a freezer bag still in the original packaging. I usually buy the whole grain breads, but as far as buns go it just depends. Sometimes wheat, sometimes white, but I do draw the line over store brand cheap buns - don't even like them fresh!

                2. We freeze all our bread because we don't go through it quickly enough. Like Deborah, if it's a whole loaf we'll slice before freezing; the frozen slices can go right into the toaster with no defrosting required. English muffins we separate before freezing.

                  1. Bread freezes well as long as it is wrapped properly. A point brought up earier, it is best to freeze any bread not used in a couple of days, immediately while it is still fresh. Don't wait until it is a few days old. I also found that the quality deteriorates rather quickly even in the freezer. For my freezer, about a month at most.

                    1. I freeze bread by the loaf and half loaf; never had a problem. I also found that if you portion it and keep in a freezer bag you don't have to thaw the loaves if you only need a few slices. I like to wrap two slices together in double plastic wrap and then into the freezer bag, then I can take out as much as I need. Works well with rolls too and it does not have to be toasted to taste good.

                      1. My mom does it all the time for her and my dad.

                        1. Used to always freeze Milton's bread with no problem.

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                            It works best if you freeze it fresh. I immediately freeze my bread and remove the slices I need and return it to the freezer. If you freeze it fresh then you are retaining the moisture which makes it fresh. Wonder wheat freezes very well...

                          2. I always freeze bread, for your stated reasons, and it keeps well.

                            1. My Mom used to freeze bread, but it seems to get some kind of freezer-burn sometimes

                              1. Of course you can freeze bread... generally the more expensive the bread, the better it freezers. There are only two of us, so I always put our bread in the freezer as soon as I bring it home. Otherwise it would mould before we had half a chance to eat it!

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                                  I have bought frozen loaves from freshdirect. They slice then freeze them, so I can take a slice at a time. I usually toast the bread, though, when I would not if the bread was fresh (it's just in my own mind). They also have "parcooked" rolls and such which I use. When I am ordering from freshdirect, that is (eg during the summer when they have an inexpensive unlimited deliveries).