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Oct 18, 2009 10:26 AM

Rec for Dinner for Post ANC Burial for 20+

My father is to be buried on 12/17/09 at ANC with full military honors. We are coming from all over the US and need your help to find a comfortable dinner locale for our party. Value is important, location as well. Not too much effort to get to from the Cemetery. This board has never let me down! I need help!

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  1. First, thank you for your father's service. Can you tell us if the funeral party will be driving or taking the metro (or a combo of both?)? My initial thought it to head up the hill into Courthouse/Clarendon. Minh's is right on Wilson so it's easy to get to by driving and it's also close to the Courthouse metro. And I've seen fairly large parties there, but no separate private room, I don't think.

    Another suggestion would be Village Bistro, again up Wilson, but not as far. Close to the Rosslyn metro, but not quite as close as Minh's is to Courthouse (I think). This might be a better choice if you think not everyone in your party might like Vietnamese. Parking can be tight in the little strip mall, but there's usually street parking in the vicinity. Good luck.

    1. Would your group be eligible to use the Fort Myer Officers' Club? It's located adjacent to the burial ground.

      It might be worth a call to the Club's GM --