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Oct 18, 2009 10:25 AM

Help me eat a quiet but "innovative" dinner with my dad!

Hello, my dad is coming to town and we are looking for a restaurant that is "innovative" but not too loud (he is hard of hearing). I'm sure that such a place exists, but I can't really think of anything off the top of my head. I tried Locanda Verde but they are all booked up. And I'm not even sure if it's very innovative anyways. Thanks! (also we will probably eat at Bar Masa on one night, so not that one/no sushi). I appreciate your help!

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  1. If you want really innovative, try wd-50; it's definitely not that loud, either.

    1. one other "innovative" place springs to mind based on what i've heard (i've never eaten there)...Corton.

      1. WD-50 is a good idea. You might also try Corton or SHO.

        I ate at Locanda Verde last weekend, and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, I would hardly call it "quiet".

        1. While I love Chef Paul Liebrandt's innovative French cuisine, one of the times we've been there, the noise level was, surprisingly, very high -- at a level that would definitely be a problem for someone with a hearing problem. Other times, not. But since there is no guarantee, I would hesitate recommending you go there.

          SHO Sean Hergatt has delicious, innovative Asian-inspired cuisine, service is stellar, the space has beautiful decor, and the noise level is definitely suitable for someone with a hearing problem.

          Photos can be seen here:

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            I agree with the recommendations for SHO. It is both innovative and quiet -- a perfect fit!

          2. Locanda Verde, though I love it, is neither innovative nor quiet. Harbour is a seafood restaurant with very interesting dishes, wonderful flavors, and recently it has been very quiet. Picholine is somewhat innovative, with superb food and very quiet and comfortable (although I only go there after 8 pm, and it may be less quiet when crowded pre-Lincoln Center). Aldea is also great, with a modern take on Portuguese cuisine, but be sure to request a quiet table, preferably upstairs, as some tables will be noisier than others. Compass is another possibility, with well-spaced tables and booths that keep noise from intruding, and the food is interesting.

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              I would second Picholine. The food is excellent there and, since it is an older clientele, the noise level is always down.

              I would go to the Modern, but in the dining room not in the bar room. It seems lovely there. I ate in the bar room and loved the food. You could go into the formal dining room that seems less agitated.

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                I agree about the Modern, but depending on where in the dining room you are seated, it can get a lot of noise filtering in from the bar room.