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ISO decent Indian resto north of 401 (aka Save me from Montana’s)

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Am dining with a nephew this coming weekend. He’s in the 905 and is suggesting Montana’s (gawd help me!) - but is open to different cuisines. I’ve been craving Indian lately but usually head southerly for my fix and they are too far for him. Any suggestions north of 401 to7, between, say, Yonge and Warden?

I’ve scoured the “Best Indian” thread (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/105185) but most recs are too far. I’ve been to Cuisine of India (Yonge/Finch location) but was underwhelmed on my last 2 visits and prefer not to return.

I'd really appreciate your CHhelp.

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  1. Would you mind going a tiny bit south of the 401? Amaya Bread Bar is on Yonge, south of York Mills, north of Lawrence and it's very good. I liked Tabla better, but they are now closed.

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        The above-mentioned Amaya Bread Bar is better, but if you insist on being north of the 401, let me suggest Indian Kitchen, a few lights north of Steeles Ave., on the ground floor of a condo building at Yonge St. and Clark (southwest side). Tasty mid-level Indian cuisine, good service, comfortable room, lots of space between tables. The whole tandoori salmon is particularly good, so long as they don't overcook it. But just about everything is nicely done, and the prices are easy to take as well. I've had the odd standard-issue dish there over the years, but the kitchen is invariably much better than average. Also, easy parking almost at the front door.

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          how much does a dinner for two sans drinks cost at the bread bar? just a ballpark figure will be appreciated

      2. Well, I don't know if this is in the right area... but my favourite Indian place is near Bathurst and 7, right across from the promenade mall.

        It's called Nawab and I always really enjoy it.


        Nawab International Restaurant
        7700 Bathurst St, Thornhill, ON L4J7Y3, CA

        1. Again dont know if this is in the right area but this was in restaurant makeover
          Havent tried it

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            I pass by that place all the time and have always wondered about it. Has anyone tried Earth Indian?

          2. I agree with Juno's recommendation of Indian Kitchen. Enjoyed their offering every time I dined there. Fairly complex flavour and not too overly salty as in some cases. My other north of 401 choice is Chauhan's on 323 Denison just north of Steeles off woodbine. Very good food especially the Gosht Jalandhari and Dhaba chicken.
            Unfortunately, I do not agree with the 'Host' suggestion. Overpriced, the meal I had there was bland and mediocre tasting. The chicken curry in particular tasted weird and unappealing. If the chef/owner of Vancouver's famous Vij has a chance to taste this, surely he will cry!

            1. Thank you all for the great recs. TJ, I would drive all over the city for great grub. (And have.) I'd forgotten about the Bread Bar and it actually isn't too far from me. The neph, on the other hand, will likely prefer someplace north of Steeles (the 'north of 401' was my idea of compromise). I'll give him the choices (Montana's NOT being on the list) and see where he feels like driving to. It's good to know there are alternatives northward, and I'll likely try them all at some point or other. Thank you all again for your help. CHers always come through. :)

              1. Just wanted to report back about the Indian dinner. We ended up at The Indian Kitchen and were very happy to have done so. The food was flavourful, nicely prepared and plentiful. The service was good. We had:
                * onion bhajia - nice batter, not too doughy, not greasy
                * tandoori fish - the sizzling platter of salmon trout made quite an entrance. It was tasty, subtly spiced. I would have preferred it a tad less done but it was by no means overcooked. The neph really enjoyed this.
                * gosht rojan josh - this was, imo, the weakest dish we had. When I asked for 'not too spicy', I think the waiter heard 'not spicy'. My fault for not being clearer. No heat at all. In spite of this, the curry was tasty and was mopped up with the wonderful naan. The mutton, however, was very tough and gristly. I was disappointed because lamb/mutton is my favourite meat in Indian cooking. Just call my neph Mikey - he eats anything - or maybe he has a stronger jaw - he ate up the mutton and enjoyed this too.
                * the naan was puffy and huge - we could have just ordered one and it would have been plenty (but we got 2... and ate them... ahhhh)
                * saag paneer - for me the highlight of the meal. It was delicious. Big tasty cubes of cottage cheese in delectable spinach. I could have just had the saag paneer and naan and it would have been blissful.

                The neph is talking about going out again for Indian - nary a mention of Montana's. :) I'd like to try some of the other recs but I would definitely make a return trip to the Indian Kitchen. Thanks again for your help, everyone!

                The Indian Kitchen
                7330 Yonge, Thornhill, ON L4J1V8, CA