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Oct 18, 2009 09:14 AM

Le Petit Dejeuner-October 2009- great breakfast on a Saturday morning

I had read the mixed reviews, esp. about service, so I went here without expectations, just the hope of a better than average breakfast. I'm including the time frame, since previous posts complained about long wait times at Le Petit Dejeuner.

We arrived around 10:15 am, and there were 6 people in line ahead of us. I asked one of the servers how long she expected our wait to be. If the wait was expected to be longer than 15 minutes, we thought we might try the brunch at PIco where Toba used to be. She came outside, and spoke to each of the parties, and our wait ended up being just about 15 minutes. We were seated by 10:30 am.

Our server took our coffee order within 10 minutes of sitting down, and maybe 5 minutes later, our coffees arrived. There was maybe a 5 minute wait before the server took our food order. Our breakfasts came quickly, within 10 minutes of ordereing. My eggs florentine were delicious- the best hollandaise I have tasted in TO, plus the most expertly poached eggs I can remember in a long time. Not a fan of their version of rosti, which is not as crispy as I expected. I liked the apple slaw, too.

My friend enjoyed the waffles with strawberries, but be prepared that this is just one waffle, and not as much waffle as one might receive in a standard North American breakfast place. He was still hungry, so we flagged down our server, who brought us some toast. If you want a filling breakfast at Le P D, and want to order waffles, I'd suggest order 2 waffles, or order a few side dishes to round out the order.

Although it is a busy place, and it takes a bit more effort to get the servers attention than some restaurants, the servers were friendly and courteous. My friend's coffee mug was frequently refilled.

I really liked the atmosphere, and the music that played in the background.

Our bill for 1 waffle with strawberries, 1 order of toast, 1 eggs florentine, 1 cappuccino and 1 decaf coffee came to just under $32.

By the time we left, at 11:15, 45 minutes after we were seated, there were at least a dozen people lined up outside. If you decide to go to Le Petit Dejeuner on a Saturday, I'd suggest getting there when they open at 9 am, or be prepared for a wait;) But I thought it was certainly worth a 15 minute wait.

Le Petit Dejeuner
191 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1J5, CA

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  1. detailed review ty :)

    1. I agree that the waffle portion is small but their waffles are my favourite anywhere. They're the crispest and lightest.

      1. I have always liked this place but lately we've been visiting more often for dinners (weekend brunch is just too busy) and its always good. Last week we shared strawberry waffles for dessert and they were fantastic as ever: light, crispy on the outside.

        For dinner mains, their mussels are good, including an all-you-can-eat option for less than $10. Loved the beef stew and the spaghetti too. The frites are stellar. The decor and vibe is laid back (they do often seem to be understaffed, but friendy) and they have a great beer and coffee selection, too.

        1. Thanks for the great review, phoenikia! I've always avoided trying this place because of the reports of long wait times. But I'm and early brunch person anyway, so I'll definitely give it a go soon.

          1. Had another great brunch at Le Petit Dejeuner this Saturday. I had a wonderful Eggs Benedict (my favourite in the city so far), and my dining companion had a delicious ham/cheese crepe. Service was decent, as always, and I do love the warm, cozy space. Yum.
            Had a decent benny at Peartree recently but I'd have to say LPD's version beats it by a significant margin.