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Oct 18, 2009 08:23 AM

Thai Pavilion in Astoria (Eagle Electric plant, 21st st.)?

There is some quality Thai in Astoria (e.g., Arharn), so I am hoping, praying that Thai Pavilion, the new place that opened in the old Eagle Electric plant on 21st St. (near 24th Ave.) is decent. But I'm also fearful that it's just another Thai place a la Wave Thai on 31st St. (which serves its purpose but is certainly not rave-worthy). Can anyone enlighten me?

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  1. if it's related to the restaurant of the same name that was (is?) on 30th avenue near 38th, i'd say it's closer to being 'just another thai place.' when i lived in astoria, that place was convenient, clean, reasonably priced and possessed of good service, but entirely without spark. if it were down the block, i'd patronize it (as i did) but as far as a trek? i'd stick to arharn.

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      Yes, that's about right. I live two blocks from Thai Pavilion, it is indeed a spinoff of the place on 30th Ave, which is one of the better Thai places in Astoria. Not worth a trip from far away, but reasonably good. (FWIW, Wave Thai used to be better, but has gotten blander with time. And Arnharn definitely used to be the best in Astoria, but I agree with Queenseats, that something has gone terribly wrong, at least some of the time.)

    2. Hi Bennyt. Have you been to Arharn recently? I tried it recently and found it to be one the most foul meals ever):

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        I'm sorry you had a negative experience. I've been twice, both times ordering the softshell crab special (once with the mango topping, another time with the chili/basil preparation). I was very happy with both, and also enjoyed the tod mun.
        Agreed that it doesn't compare to eating at Sri or Nusara or half a dozen other places. But it's a huge step up from anything I've had in Manhattan and most other neighborhood Thai places, in my opinion.