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Magnoila Bakery

Are the cupcakes worth the wait at Magnoila Bakery?

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  1. Yes, I think that the Red Velvet cupcakes are definitely worth the wait.......

    1. Am I crazy for thinking that Magnolia cupcakes suck?

      Magnolia's Really IS That Bad

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          No you're not crazy. I think cupcakes are kind of silly, but okay. I'll appreciate a good piece of cake, no matter how it is framed or defined. And the Magnolia vanilla did not taste good!

        2. I've said it before in other threads and I'll say it again here now; RUN, don't walk, RUN as fast as you can AWAY from the wretchedness that are Magnolia's cupcakes. They are an abomination and an affront to the very idea of a cupcake. There are PLENTY of other places to go in this city for delicious cupcakes; Magnolia is NOT one of them.

          If you want a Magnolia cupcake experience without the wait, go to a cheap grocery store and ask them if they have any 2 day+ leftover cupcakes.

          In case you can't tell, I feel very strongly about this ;-)

          1. From what I have read Two Little Red Hens has the consensus for the best cupcakes, am I correct? We are only going to be in Manhattan three days and don't want to waste time at mediocre places.

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              Annie--you will *not* be dissppointed in Two Little Red Hens! Unbelievable cupcake. Also, their muffins, cheesecake, cookies & gingerbread are outstanding. Worth the trip.

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                I had a stale, dry cupcake from 2 Little RH two years ago and did not return. I would still consider giving it another try.

              2. I don't feel as strongly as some people here. I don't think the cupcakes are bad. Kids love them. But no way in hell are they worth waiting for. It never ceases to amaze me what sheep people are to wait in that line.

                By the way, I have one of the Magnolia cookbooks and it's a snap to make the cupcakes yourself, including the red velvet ones. Which, as I say, kids love.

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                  Same here. I don't particularly love them, but I really don't understand all the hate they get -- they're not NEARLY as bad as Crumbs or Buttercup (DRY cake and super-crumbly frosting from both.) I too dislike their red velvet, but their vanilla cupcake is decent, and their banana pudding is great. Then again I also never stand in a line as I don't go to their WV location...

                  So no, not worth the wait, but if there's no one in line, grab some banana pudding.

                2. No!!! Please, don't waste your time or money. I spent a while researching the best cupcakes in the city, and I read that Magnolia was horrible. I had ONE person tell me they were great, so I decided to see for myself. Unfortunately, that was a waste of time and money. I had a red velvet, and it was dry and disgusting. The frosting tasted filmy, and the buttercream was old-tasting. Amy's Bakery uses buttercream frostings but manages to make them fantastic-tasting. I LOVE sweet things and Magnolia was too sweet, in a bad way. I've heard it compared to Sprinkles cupcakes (not in NYC yet...hopefully soon!) and I love them, so I had high hopes even though I'd read countless bad reviews. Please, don't waste any money/time/calories on these cupcakes!

                  1. The cupcakes are most definitely not worth the wait, BUT i actually think the rest of their stuff is totally underrated. The banana pudding is the best around and their cakes and brownies, etc are pretty damn good. Is any of it worth the wait? No. But when there's no line, I always stop in for the other goods.

                    1. I personally LOVE Magnolia's cupcakes... they're definitely in my top 5, maybe even top 2. That being said, I've never had to wait in line for the cupcakes, usually people have brought them to birthday parties, so I can't say if it's worth the time or the price.

                      My friend did buy the cookbook and the cupcakes she has made taste exactly the same and have the same soft spongy texture as the magnolia cupcakes I've tried, but the frosting is pretty hard to recreate.

                      1. no
                        sugar sweet sunshine way better, and no wait

                        1. No, no, and no. Terrible and dry.

                          1. Tried their (new) smore cupcake last week - its definitely their best offering, as it has a different frosting other than the lame whipped vanilla crap that is decidedly inferior to any old buttercream. good crumb on the cake itself w a nice chocolate center.

                            i agree with others that the cupcakes at magnolias are not, by far, my favorites.

                            that said the banana pudding is OUT OF THIS WORLD fantastic, and is a must-get, seriously do not pass go do not collect $200 buy the damn banana pudding.

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                            1. re: tex.s.toast

                              I will actually agree that their Banana Pudding is pretty decent; don't know if I'd say it's out of this world, but then there are numerous people in my decidedly Southern family who make some pretty amazing versions, so my view is probably skewed.

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                                Ive made my share of banana pudding in my time and id say calling Magnolia's banana pudding decent is some pretty serious understatement. perhaps you should give it another try.

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                                  I've had it at least 4 or 5 times; and perhaps you are right, "decent" maybe carries with it a less than positive connotation, so I should have said that it is good, and quite surprisingly so given the rest of the dreck they have on hand.

                                  It is definitely what I would encourage one to get when going there, but I would not wait in line for it, and I would not come close to calling it the best I've ever had.

                            2. In my experience the cupcake quality varies with the store. I've enjoyed the ones I purchased at midtown east location (have never waited long, but it's been a while). I've also made them at home from the cookbook, and mine tasted the same as the stores, frosting included.

                              I agree the banana pudding is amazing, and am also fond of their coconut cake and chocolate cake with chocolate icing (UWS broadway location). Cupcakes at UWS BW location are pretty bad.

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                                Buttercup (which used to be affiliated with Magnolia long ago I think) on 72 near BW has very good cupcakes.

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                                  Buttercup on 72 is great and has no affiliation with Magnolia, but has some affiliation with the other Buttercup in Manhattan

                                  1. re: foodwhisperer

                                    I found that Buttercup on 72nd to have really dry cake and chalky frosting. You know there's something wrong when a dozen cupcakes at a party go essentially uneaten.

                                    1. re: kathryn

                                      Yes! I thought Buttercup was disgusting. I couldn't finish my cupcake from there and that almost never happens!

                              2. its worth the wait for the bananna pudding--

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                                  Banana Pudding is amazing. Also, the UWS location doesnt have more than a 2-3 minute wait whenever I stop by.

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                                    banana pudding, yes, BUT there's a seperate line for that and its 3/4 the size as the cupcake line...

                                  2. hell no ...they're not worth no line at all....seriously.

                                    1. I don't think so. I find their cupcakes to be far too heavy and buttery. I do love their coconut cake, though.

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                                        their frosting tastes like pure butter, gross...and the cake it super dense...

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                                          went to Magnolia because there wasn't a line. Absolutely right about the cupcakes. Much prefered Crumbs. Brought both cupcakes home and sampled them with my staff(I own a wholesale bakery). The verdict was Crumbs was better but way too sweet. I will have to try 2 Red Hens and Sweet Sugar Sunshine next time. I appreciate all the feedback from chowhounds. Thanks.

                                      2. Magnolia has the worst cupcakes in the world.. I;d rather eat Hostess cupcakes

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                                          Hmmm, I haven't had Hostess in a long time. But from what I remember about them, I would too! It certainly would be a lot moister than Magnolia's.

                                        2. We tried Baked by Melissa in Soho and were wowed by their minature cupcakes. I'd like to know what other's thought.


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                                            While I thought they were good (I believe I tried red velvet and chocolate pb), a dollar for a bite just doesn't seem worth it to me. I won't be back because I'm the type of person that will pay three dollars to be able to enjoy it for more than half a second. Even with small bites, you just aren't gonna get more than 2 bites out of a Baked by Melissa cupcake. I know the price goes down by a few cents when you order more, and maybe for a novelty at a party they'd be ok, but I prefer more cake and more frosting when I eat a cupcake!

                                          2. I don't understand the appeal of this establishment. Maybe it was good when it opened. I found my cupcake just totally uninspiring. It's maybe a bit of a tourist trap?

                                            This is more to my liking - but I have not yet tried their Halloween cupcake:

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                                              Magnolia must be listed in a tourist guidebook, since it seems most of the people online are tourists..I had friends from England come in and say they must go to Magnolia. I think it's listed probably after Chinatown knockoff handbag shopping