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Oct 18, 2009 05:29 AM

Halloween Parade in the village

We are coming in for the Halloween parade in the village. Parade starts at 7 - would like an early dinner in the area. There will just be the 2 of us. Would like to keep it around $100 or under pp. Any rec would be appreciated

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  1. Be sure to budget extra time to get around -- the police start putting up barriers pretty early, and you're not allowed to cross the street at many intersections when there is a parade.

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    1. re: kathryn

      I am coming in Halloween weekend 2010 so bumping this thread - thanks kathryn about the street closures - I have a map of the route so I can hopefully see which streets are closed. I was thinking of having dinner NOT in the area, though, due to crowds -

    2. Us, too! We know anyplace in or near the Village will be insanely busy, so anyplace within 20 minutes or so walking/subway would be worth checking out.

      We're eating at small ethnic places the rest of our stay, would like something a bit fancier but still not break-the-bank. We like most cuisines, just avoid seafood-centric places due to my shellfish allergy.

      Any suggestions will be welcome, plus any tips on the best spots to watch the parade (if that's not too off-topic.)

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        on halloween, you basically have to stay on the east or west side of 6th avenue -- it becomes impossible to cross. on the east side, i'd recommend jane on houston between laguardia and thompson. on the west, maybe 'ino or market table? or pizza at keste, though bleecker street will likely be a madhouse.

        21 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014