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Oct 18, 2009 04:06 AM

"Comfort" Lounge?? Hardly...........

My husband, 12 year old daughter and I went (or attempted to), last night. We had made a reservation but before we could even give our name to the hostess she waved her hand dismissively and said "Sit anywhere". Given that there were only two-tops, it was incumbant upon us to maneuver two tables together. But, we gamely did so, took our seats and sat, and sat...It was freezing in the place. None of us were able to take off our coats and the man at the next table was rubbing his hands together for warmth. We figured we could ask a waitress to adjust the heat, if only one had deigned to acknowlege us. There were two of them, in addition to the hostess, and the place was only about half-full. We happened to be sitting right by the register and a pass-through to the kitchen, so the wait staff was practically standing over us, putting in orders but mostly, talking on the phone. We would have been encouraged by as little as a glass of water or a "Be right with you!". But we were completely ignored. We endured about 15 minutes of this, mostly because the chicken at the next table looked really good. Finally we left, without so much as a "Come again soon!" from the hostess, just a disdainful look from the bartender. Very disappointing and, frankly, enraging. Will not return

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  1. really dont understand your post at all, what where is comfort lounge pls?

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      Sorry. It's in Hastings on Hudson, just opened recently and got a good review in The Times.

    2. Sorry for you bad experience. I've been there many times and have never had anything but quality and prompt service. Their rotisserie chicken is indeed excellent albeit a bit pricey. I like how you can assemble a meal together by picking an entree and 2 sides. There isn't another restaurant in Westchester that offers the array of side dishes! I've had almost everything on the menu. While 1/2 of them I won't ever order again, the other 1/2 is great. A large portion of their business is from takeout and delivery. Maybe that's why the waitress was on the phone?

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        I think that is why she was on the phone. The thing is, there were other wait staff on the floor. One of them made an elaborate project of bringing the couple at the next table a serving spoon. She seemed to be examining a series of utensils, selected one and presented it with a flourish. And we were sitting right next to them. It was like we were invisible. And I am dying to try that chicken. But it was all very weird, and as I mentioned previously, FREEZING. Glad you've had better experiences there but I don't think we'll be back.

      2. My wife and i went there about a month ago. Although the food was pretty good, the rest of the experience was not. It was a busy night for them, but if you can't handle a busy night you shouldn't be in the restaurant business. We had a reservation, checked in, and were told it would be a little while to be able to sit as "alot of these people seem to be lingering." We said, no problem, we'll be right here at the bar, just let us know. I made eye contact with the bartender, he said he'd be with us "in a minute" and that he was "very busy." After fifteen minutes, we finally gave our drink order, off the drink menu, only to find out they didn't have most of the liquors that are ingredients in most of the drinks on the menu. I then ordered a gin martini. They didn't have any gin except for some shitty well gin I've never heard of. Plus, they had no dry vermouth. I mentioned to the bartender that there was a liquor store right across the street from them. I asked a a gin(the crappy one) and soda. They had no club soda! My wife, after getting shot down on her first two tries, asked for a vodka and tonic. They had no tonic!

        We finally setlled on some Key Lime concoction off the menu that was tasty. We got our drinks about 40 minutes after we first arrived at the place.

        About 20 minutes later, still savoring my hard won drink, I noticed that alot of the tables had finally emptied out, and figured we'd be called momentarily. I turned my back on the tables and continued my conversation, and when I turned back to look at the tables they were almost all full again! I went over to a waitperson and asked why we hadn't been seated, as we'd been waiting for an hour, and all the people that had just been seated had just walked in. They said "you've been waiting an hour!?" and then the staff had a quick huddle and found a seat for us in a few minutes.

        The food was good, and they at least gave us the drinks for free, which I think was about a $22 value, but the place was just so poorly prepared and run that I can say that I won't be back again. They were out of numerous menu items and I had to tackle the waitress to give her my credit card at the end, in addition to all the other stuff.

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          Wow. That's pretty crazy, and very consistant with the attitude we experienced (sans the free drinks).