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Oct 18, 2009 12:50 AM

Kombucha - where can I get a starter culture?

Tired of buying the $3 bottles.

Can anyone direct me to a palce to buy a starter or sell/give me one if you have extra?

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  1. This international "kombucha sharing" directory might help you. Scroll down to USA, California:

    I once posted on a similar type site, offering to share my kefir grains, which I did many times:

    I've made neither in 5 years, so not sure if either directory will be helpful.

    1. What part of the bay area are you looking? I've got some scoby's. Or you can check craigs.

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      1. re: peppatty

        I am in SF but can travel.

        Have not yet checked CL. under what category should I search?

        1. re: SPO

          SPO, did you check out those links I posted? Are any of the local ones viable?

          Craigslist often has people looking for kombucha starters. You can post in community section or, if you are up for it, search the food or health forums.

          Years ago, I would share extra kefir grains with CL folks.

        1. The original comment has been removed