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Oct 17, 2009 09:49 PM

Late/all night dining near Tufts?

Any suggestions for someone who recently moved here and hasn't been able to find any late night dining? I'm especially interested in places open after midnight.

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  1. Unfortunately, there's not a heck of a lot open past midnight in Boston (or Somerville / by Tufts. That's the sad truth. In Harvard Square there's Felipe's (burritos) and Pinocchio's (Sicilian pizza) that're open till 1am, I believe.

    Unless you mean Tufts Medical School, which is next to Chinatown, which has places open till at least 2am.

    1. Wang's is open until 1am

      1. Golden Light in Davis is totally fine utility Chinese food. Don't pay attention to the yelp reviews discussing the various gastric disturbances people fell victim to after eating there. (I'm willing to bet it was the 6 "grateful deads" they drank at the burren, then the subsequent 8 PBRs that they drank at Sligo afterwords.) It's open until 3am on the weekends, and 2 am during the week.

        Pizza Ring is totally standard "pizza place" fare. Though it's just outside of central square, they do deliver until 4am.

        Spikes hot dogs in Davis is open until 1.

        All night (or really late night) dining doesn't really exist in this part of town anymore. There used to be Dolly's Diner in Davis that was open from 11pm-7am thurs-sun, and there was the tasty in Harvard. Aside from the IHOP out on the ass-end of Brighton, (which everyone is always too drunk to drive to but they usually do anyway... of course we don't need 24 hour public trans )-: the South Street Diner, or News (both in Chinatown), or Bova's Bakery in the North End, the whole close metropolitan area city is pretty much devoid of good 24hr dining options.

        For slightly less formal fare, there's the "grocery store" (Large Convenience Store with prices to match) Market in the Square which is open 24 hours per day and will usually make you fresh sushi, and always make you fresh sandwiches... even at 4:45 in the morning. There's also "Gourmet Express" in Porter Square which isn't by any means Gourmet, and it's not particularly fast, but if you're looking for a 24 hour breakfast place and don't mind that it's a luncheonette in a former White Hen market with most of the same merchandise. I will say, you get a TON of meat in their cold sandwiches for how much they cost.

        Hmm... aside from that I do have to mention that there are a handful place places in Chinatown that are open really late, and Cafe Pompeii in the North End is OK, and they're open until 4.

        Any more specific questions? Fire away.

        1. in Davis Sq. Gargoyle's is fun creative delicious bistro, w/ neat bar food late.

          1. The americanized chinese place in Teele is open until 3 on the weekends. It is called Lee Kar Gau, i think. Nothing special but it has served me on many a stumble home from the bars. Their egg rolls are better than average.

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              Kee Kar Lau, We've never tried it.