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Where to buy truffles in Boston?

Where can a non-chef, non-restauranteur buy truffles in or around Boston?

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  1. Tomasso in Southboro will sell them when available.

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      trufflehound, do you mean Tomasso? or the affiliated market, Panzano around the corner? Did you call ahead to get one?

    2. I have splurged on them at Savenors both Charles St and Cambridge

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      1. Formaggio in Cambridge has had them in the past.

        1. I'll suggest John Dewar's as another spot to check/call, they do have truffle oil and maybe paste or pate. If they have any it will likely be only the canned/bottled "summer" type though.

          As an aside I once bought several handfulls of American truffles at the big Wegmans in Pittsford NY (I think that Oregon and NC are where these are from), outside Rochester. Decent price less than $10/lb, but not very fragrant.

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              No, it was a great price -- but they were American and didn't have a Big truffle smell or taste. I got the feeling a representative brought them by trying to get a regular contract but I only saw them that one time.

          1. I was fortunate enough to run into Benjamin the mushroom guy outside the old L'Espalier a couple of times. I've bought a truffle from him.

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                no, he also sells imported truffles to the chefs. It was Italian and came with complete disclosure about the season and exactly what I could expect from this one.

            1. The word "Truffle" applies to hundreds of species, as well as practically any fungus dug out of the ground. There are really only two types that are "godlike" - the Italian white and the French black perigord. As to where to buy them in the Boston area - you can't. Any that come in commecially are pretty much pre-committed to the restaurant trade. There are many other "truffles" seen for sale locally, mostly summer and Chinese, and usually pretty bland and tasteless, but sometimes worth an experiment. I'd suggest a bottle of truffle oil instead. Yeah, I know, there's no truffle in any truffle oil, but the synthetic organic used is one of the primary aromatics in real truffles. It is possible, at a price, to get real fresh truffles in season from a few select importers. I usually guard these reliable sources almost as closely as the hunters in Alba, but in the spirit of Chowhound here's a link to fresh white Italian truffles from a good source @ about $221/oz:

              Short season, limited supply, very expensive - but if you love fungi and flavor, a must try.

              FWIW - I've heard from sources I trust that the cultivated perigords from Tasmania are equal to the French with a longer growing season (but not any less costly ;-)

              1. You can call Julio at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge or Mark at Wilson Farm in Lexingon. They will special order fresh truffles if they are in season. Currently available are Alba White Truffles ($200-ish/oz) and Black from Burgundy, France ($30-ish/oz). These special orders need a few days lead time. They don't keep them in stock because if they don't sell them it would be terrible for profits.

                1. WIlson Farms in Lexington has them in stock and out on the floor -- I just noticed this for the first time this weekend. Perhaps this is new? I haven't tried them, so I can't vouch for quality, but they *looked* good -- not dried out. They live over in the cold case section that also has cut melon and suchlike. The truffles are sold in glass mason jars, half-full with dry rice -- and they're about the size of ping-pong balls.