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Oct 17, 2009 08:14 PM

decent queso oaxaca

i am looking for decent queso oaxaca. the place i used to get it at is very inconsistent.

i am looking for smallish, whole rounds, i don't know what they're really called. i am not looking for the best, ne-plus-ultra of quesillo, just something better than the shrinkwrapped Cacique (or equivalent brand). basically, i want quesillo that doesn't taste like off mozzarella.

i also live in west la, so not driving an hour would be nice. ya, i know, but the place i used to get it at is right across the street and used to have dependably good rounds of quesillo.

any help, though, is appreciated. thanks.

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  1. There are several Oaxacan markets around you, I forget the names but someone will chime in and post. You want the braided stuff, right?

    1. I think it's shocking that local cheese merchants do not stock indigenous Mexican cheeses. I am a long time fan of the Mexican Mennonitas cheese ... but it is simply not to be found outside of Mexico anymore.

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        It isn't shocking to me at all. Fancy cheese stores are not in Latino areas, they don't cater to Latinos, and the majority of the clientele there is looking for froufrou stinky European cheese for a cheeseboard, not quesillo for enchiladas or chiles rellenos. It doesn't mean Latinos don't like great cheese; artisanal Mexican cheese is just is another thing widely available in urban Mexico that hasn't come to the US, like truly innovative alta cocina defeƱa.

        That doesn't mean you can't get decent quesillo. Don Juan carnicerias in the Valley have it, as does Vallarta, or call up a Oaxacan place like Monte Alban or Juquila and ask where they source it.

      2. Yeah, I'm looking for the braided or rolled stuff. I used to get it from the market next to Monte Alban, so I went to Monte Alban and asked. They said they used to sell it but couldn't tell me where to get it.

        I've gone into more than a few little markets with no luck. I went to the Top Value grocery store where they carry Don Juan products and the quesillo was not even close.

        Maybe I'll just go back to the market next to Monte Alban and ask where they source it.

        Thanks anyway.

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        1. re: undone

          Don Juan Carniceria is not the same company as Don Juan the factory.

          The braided stuff is available down here in Jax and Northgate Gonzalez markets, but "here" is OC and that may be too far.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            There is a Oaxacan market on the corner of Barrington and National on the southeast side in a minimall - I have bought the cheese from there and it was very authentic.

        2. You can get some excellent quesillo from Guelaguetza. You can order it from their website, but I imagine they stock it in their restaurants as well.

          1. Sweet, thanks to everyone for their replies.