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Oct 17, 2009 07:47 PM

Restaurants on Staten Island

going to nephews college (Wagner ) for a basketball game - any good non chain places, taxis only.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. thanks for pointing this out

      1. re: freckles1963

        There are actually lots of interesting restaurants on Staten Island. If you are looking for a place close to Wagner, check out Indian Clove, the Indian restaurant at Clove and Victory -- it's practically walking distance from Wagner or a quick cab ride.

        Others not too far from Wagner, which you might research elsewhere on Chowhound (or via Google);

        Dosa Garden, Victory near Cebra, South Indian food.

        Carol's Cuisine, 1571 Richmond Rd., eclectic

        Vida Restaurant, Van Duzer St. near Beach St., eclectic

        Taxis on Staten Island are called car services, by the way. You usually have to call and be picked up, rather than flagging them down.

        1. re: comestible

          You've got Los Catrachos Honduran over by Vida on Beach... cheap and good. What about the vegetarian Indian right next to Indian Clove? Anyone try that yet? What's the deal with that Roadhouse place? Looks like a funeral parlor.

          Wagner has no food around it but that million dollar view can't be beat. I'm sure Joe & Pat's delivers up there.

          1. re: Flaco

            thanks and yes the view is amazing

            1. re: Flaco

              Hi, Flaco. It's good to have your endorsement of Los Catrachos. I don't know Honduran food at all yet; I went there for the first time last week for a quick breakfast, the Rancheros egg first reaction is that it's blander and plainer than, say, a Mexican egg dish; no chilies, salsa or garnishes. I'll certainly be back to try other things. They're literally the closest restaurant to where I live.

              Don't know the vegetarian Indian place. Must try.

              1. re: comestible

                Yeah Honduras is so close to Yucatan yet so far. Next time grab the big jar of pickeled onions and chiles off a table and apply liberally. I'm very interested in their soups and will report back.

              2. re: Flaco

                I tried the vegetarian place on Clove. Its OK--a little expensive. North Indian. If Dosa Garden wasn't so close I would go to the place next to Indian Clove but DG is so terrific that why go anywhere else.

              3. re: comestible

                thanks for the info. I will check them all out.

                As for car service /taxis - in Toronto where I am from, they are called taxis and cabs - regardless of whether you call or flag it down - in case you come visit Toronto - car service would be considered a limo here.