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Oct 17, 2009 07:11 PM

Tips on cooking small, grass fed, brisket

I am going to the farmers market to pick up a brisket. This farmer sells it fresh, not frozen as many do, but they are small, between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds, and since they are 100% grass fed pretty lean. I was thinking of just braising it in chicken stock with onions and carrots. Using a slow oven about 250 and keeping it covered with tin foil inside the pot and put the lid on. The last time I did this with short ribs they were a bit tough. Any suggestions considering this is small and lean?

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  1. Since it is so lean and small, have you considered searing it like a strip steak? I just would be concerned that it would dry out if braised.

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      Yes, I will sear it before braising

    2. Ask the farmer for a full brisket (14-16 lbs) instead of a small portion thereof...1/2 it if you must, but at least you will have something to work with...


      1. short ribs should not be tough when braised unless they're not cooked long enough.

        i would think the same applies to brisket, even if it's grass-fed.

        1. That sounds like a teeny brisket to hang out in the braising liquid for so long without any fat.

          Braises were made to break down certain meats. Jfood is not sure a very lean brisket will come out.

          Any chance to get a much lager pies? Jfood's briskets normally have a minimum size of 4#.

          1. I don't cook any brisket that is less than 12-14 lbs.

            That being said I suppose you could braise this little piece of leather until it gave up. I would not be as concerned with cooking time as getting it fork tender. So I would braise it for hours, then perhaps put it in foil with some liquid and keep on cooking until it passes the fork test.