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Oct 17, 2009 06:18 PM

Oliveto: best choices on menu OTHER than pasta?

I like pasta, but it always bogs me down. Pizza and bread-like stuff does the same. I do much better with meat and veggies, risottos, etc. Can fellow chowhounds make some recommendations of the best dishes at Oliveto other than pasta dishes?

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  1. I have had many a fine Milanese preparation at Oliveto (usually pork). Trippa alla Romana is great when available. Gnocchi del Cosentino are amazing, but rarely served. And don't worry about ordering pasta, they offer two sizes, the smaller of which will not bog you down. The menu changes too often to recommend something that will certainly be on it when you go.

    1. I love their grilled pigeon. And porchetta.

      1. If I wasn't in the mood for pasta, I'd go somewhere else. That's really what Oliveto shines at.

        That said, carne cruda, lardo, meatballs (polpettini), anything made with Paine Farm poultry or Watson Farm lamb or Magruder Ranch beef or veal.

        The polenta is as good as it gets.

        If you like risotto, get on their mailing list and reserve for the annual risotto dinner.

        1. I haven't been to Oliveto often enough to be any kind of authority, but the best dish I had there involved a simple poached Soul Food Farm egg--don't think you can go wrong with any variation on that.

          1. Thanks all for the good suggestions. Sounds like lots of delicious options. My friend wants to dine there . . . I'm happy to have a chance to try it:-)